The Virus Outbreak Thread

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Ok. That first post was an accident. I have given up on this quarantine for a long time now. My extroverted personality has starved for real people. If you don’t like the news, don’t watch it, I guess…

It’s working for me.
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So it turns out the reason the hotel quarantine failed and created a deadly second wave that ended democracy and freedom was because they put it under the responsibility of a proxy Department of Jobs minister who's only there for looks AFAIK (no idea what she's actually supposed to do) and she put together a Shiloh-slapdash plan made in 24 minutes by a Trichechus named Chris Sheridan and congratulated themselves for doing the equivalent of building the Westgate Bridge by stacking radio towers until they fall into the correct position under the square-cube law.
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Sounds like a work of art. What you guys need is a government that's terrible at everything, but has luck on it's side, like us.
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