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I get what he’s saying, having two undefeated super bowl competitors would be pretty hype and all that, but still rather trivial like he points out at the end.
In other news, I’m cautiously optimistic about my skins. Two bouts against romoless cowboys and the eagles should be wins. Bills and Bears can go either way. I think we can be the nfce leader though I expect to be slaughtered if we make play off, but hey better than our 4w 12l last season.
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What you wanted them to go to the Superbowl again. And get beat by  
Eli is not Perfect but he does put an end to the reining of the Patriots winning a Superbowl. Unlike his older Brother, Peyton.
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You could talk about playing sports if you want.
I’ve got some stories to tell myself if anyone’s interested.
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The Cowboys are 3-8. This is amusing to me even though I live close to Dallas. Fuck them.
I’m interested, and I’ll share one of my own in the meantime.
I used to play baseball for my high school back in freshman and sophomore years as the 2B/utility inf. for the JV team. I wasn’t really good at batting because I used to be this scrawny little fuck and a 32 weight felt too heavy to me, which was the minimum we could use at this level, but my fucking god did I live for fielding
My favorite memory in the infield was when I was at 2nd for our game against Campbell high school and there was a runner on first. The guy at the plate hit a little dinker right to our shortstop and he had to run up on it to even get it. The guy on first was this fat fuck, but he was able to get a good lead because our main battery was really bad at holding runners to the bag that year. We opted to go for two and I covered the bag and the shortstop did an underhand flip my way so we could get the force out.
When you’re going for a double play, you’re supposed to step backwards off of the bag as fastly as possible before gunning it to first. We were really crunched for time to get both outs, though, and while my throwing arm wasn’t particularly strong I could at least hit people in the chest. I figured I could take the hit without stepping off the bag and make the throw to first for both outs, because our 1 bagger at the time was a really tall guy with a long reach.
In high school baseball in Texas, metal cleats are allowed and I had temporarily forgotten about this, despite having metal cleats on myself. That fucking metal being thrown behind the force of this really fat and big kid colliding with the ankle that was holding up my 5’6, then 135-pound frame fucking broke me. It ended up fracturing my ankle, and because of where he collided with I got knocked forward onto my face and I knocked one of my front teeth out on impact with the ground. After this I missed 4 games and I got dental work done to get a new front tooth :V
The first baseman caught my throw on a hop, though, and I and I still finished out the game. We only played to 6 innings and we were at the fifth when that happened, though, so I wasn’t suffering for too long.
I will never be that badass again, though :V Man, I fucking loved baseball. I miss it ._.
I also don’t know if I would do that over again, it was kind of stupid in hindsight
Errr..the moral here is that if you ever play baseball and you are allowed to wear metal cleats, be kind to the scrawny infielders and don’t do it
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