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I have no idea how football works.
Baseball, I’m more interested in. Guess me and mom are in different worlds.
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Yeah, in an era where the spitball was legal and most home runs were inside the park ones :P
He also wouldn’t have been able to steal as many bases as he did without Sam Crawford to be the double man. That’s a big factor into how he stole home so much - they practically invented the double steal. He and Crawford hated each other, too, for their entire time as teammates, even though they had such great chemistry on the field. I find that tidbit of info amusing.
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Wikipedia: A down is a period in which a play transpires in American and Canadian football. The down is a distinguishing characteristic of the game compared to other codes of football, but is synonymous with a “tackle” in rugby league. The team in possession of the football has a limited number of downs (four downs in American football, three downs in Canadian football) to advance ten yards or more towards their opponent’s goal line. If they fail to advance that far, possession of the ball is turned over to the other team. In most situations, if a team reaches their final down they will punt to their opponent, which forces them to begin their drive from further down the field; if they are in range, they might also attempt to score a field goal.
Me: A shot of soda down first.
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Eh you can break an arm playing Baseball and a leg playing baseball.
Looks at Buster Posey one broken a leg one year. And people getting Tommy Jones surgery.
Yeah Baseball has it’s risks too.
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I first got into it thanks to an old computer game called “Backyard Baseball”.
A year later my parents signed me up for little league baseball, thought I was gonna play real baseball. Three strikes, you know?
Turned out it was for severely mentally handicapped kids. With infinite strikes. I was extremely embarrassed. Still haven’t forgiven my parents about this incident.
That’s why I’m not that big a baseball fan these days, but at least I understand the rules better.
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So I used to play basketball in 6th/7th/8th grade. Our school’s team actually went undefeated in our particular league in the third year. We won two championships.
And I contributed basically nothing to the teams’ offense. I scored 9 total points in all three years. :I
Actually, I guess I was useful, because I was pretty dang good for the teams’ defense. As small as I was, I provided lots of pressure for the other team. So that’s something I guess.
And in high school, I played golf and fencing. We were pretty shit and didn’t come close to winning half the time in either sport, but I ended up being a key player on both teams by the end of my “career.” In golf, I got up to the top 4 scoring players on the team by junior year (before I transferred across the country), and in fencing, I was pretty much the foil squad captain. I even got 8th in a county tournament, but I got my ass absolutely KICKED by the top foil fencer when I faced him in the finals.
Didn’t play any sports in senior year, but I did try out for the golf team at my new school. I played the best round of my life at that point with a score of 45 for 9 holes, but I ended up being 16th out of 18 participants, when there were only 9 spots anyways. Tells you how good the other high school team was :P
That’s my sports experience in a nutshell
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