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Well, here's something that's semi-relevant to this site. Doug did a Nostalgia Critic video on Playing with Fire, AKA that John Cena movie with a bunch of Friendship is Magic references. He even put Pinkie Pie and Cena wearing a Princess Celestia shirt in the thumbnail.

As for the video itself, it's pretty middle of the road. My only real complaint is that it starts off with two extended sketches, resulting in Doug taking six minutes to start the review.
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I pretty much stopped watching Doug's videos for a long time, but just out of curiosity I decided to take a look even if it was just clickbait, and my god is it bad and I'm not just talking about the review but the movie itself just looks so not good and the MLP references seem pretty generic honestly; if I never watched FiM and this movie was my introduction I'd probably never watch the series ever which is a pretty bad turnoff for such a fantastic show.
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Apparently, he reviewed this movie because the only piece of nostalgia this movie has is its narrative structure of the 'tough guy that is comedically incompetent with raising kids' that was seen in Kindergarden Cop and other movies similar to it that came out in the 2000s, like The Pacifier, The Game Plan, The Spy Next Door, etc.

He mainly found it puzzling that FiM would be referenced in this movie, considering this is a Nickelodeon-produced movie and that MLP is not a Nickelodeon brand.
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The problem with that conceit is that there is only so much nostalgia to re-evaluate, and once you run out, you've only got what they’re remaking to make content out of.

As I’ve said elsewhere, like with Spoony and Linkara to a lesser degree, Doug never intended to continue the NC for the long haul, hence why the conceit is a bit mismatched with regards to modern NC content.
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Apparently, MLP:FIM does air on Nickelodeon in some countries, seeing how there are tons of screenshots here with the Nickelodeon logo on them.

And yeah, I remember that "action guy in family-comedy" trope. Don't forget Hulk Hogan. and others did it too.
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oh geez I can't wait for the inevitable moment when Doug decides to review Camp Cretaceous. because if there is one thing I am sick of him doing it's always talking trash about the Jurassic Park franchise, I mean it would be one thing if he only commented on one or two of the movies that aren't very good but he treats everyone of these movies like they are garbage even the first movie which he keeps saying he likes but I highly doubt that not to mention that review served as nothing more then to cash in on the movie when it was re-released in theaters in 3D. And lets not forget that Jurassic World was the first of his terrible clipless reviews that he made and honestly I don't get why he needed to do it either especially when he would just talk about Fallen Kingdom later with clips.

Anyways this is why I'm glad Shinobi-03 exists to point out Doug's stupidity and nitpicking of these movies, not to say that the franchise is perfect but it's one that I love and will always defend, even the bad ones I still like regardless of what anyone says.
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I decided to much his playing was fire review because I heard he claims MLP is a Nickelodeon show.
He doesn't but he does seem to be acting like friendship is magic was not popular
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