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The downfall of TGWTG or Channel Awesome

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That isn’t what the movement is mainly about, nor does it account for the many people in the movement who acknowledge the listed behaviors as horrible.
Their issue is not with women or feminism in general, but rather with numerous feminists from sites like Twitter and Tumblr who frequently throw around accusations of misogyny around at supporters when their real goal is to expose corruption in gaming journalism and various gaming media outlets.
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those are good things to get rid of but there has to be someone they answer to wen shit like that happen it makes you look bad even if it is a small group, these can’t even be called a movement technically there isn’t realy a leader to keep the movement focused, that can say that can say “ those guy don’t repersent us” or that this is definitely what we’re about.  
i think david jaffes interview put it best here https://archive.is/fZkXf
Background Pony #AC36
I wonder how much longer Channel Awesome will last now that Blip has shut down.
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