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The downfall of TGWTG or Channel Awesome

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I wish we could hide threads on these forums. The general discussion is full of shit I don’t want to see or read, yet it’s always there. Ugh, why not a ‘general bitching’ board as most of these threads I don’t prefer to see usually are? I’m sure that not everyone wants to see them either, the SJW thread, and whatever. Is there a way to hide them?
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Oh, now I recognize her. Didn’t remember the name, but I did see her before on one of Doug’s reviews a few years ago. I guess I just forgot the name.
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how the hell should i know i’m getting 12 differnt story at once some anti-gg say he did some gg say he didn’t all wanted was god dame straight answer for all i know he got on the back got back of a bird and road it to mars
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I kinda feel bad for Doug at times. I can only imagine how he would feel knowing about some of the drama surrounding some of his former and current contributors.
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