The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


You know I am going to be so amused if after Josh’s review of Spike At Your Service. That someone tells Peet about
it and Peet goes on a rant about how Josh doesn’t know what fun is. Yeah for some reason she thinks Spike At Your
Service is a fun episode.
Making an edit here because I saw some Peet related things from the archive website that might be talk worthy.
anonymous asked:
How can a news station like Fox News be so up their own ass and still stay on the air???
The right-wing corporate cocksuckers who watch it are just as far up their own asses.
I think other news stations also have people like that.
anonymous asked:
How would you respond to the argument that “video games today feel more like watching a movie than playing a video game”. Ex: Life is Strange, The Last of Us, Tell Tales The Walking Dead, etc.
Those games you name-dropped (with the exception of The Last of Us) are the spiritual successors to old Point and Click adventures or Text Adventures, of which had many fans. So it’s a moot point because it’s not an actual criticism.
“It feels more like watching a movie” doesn’t mean anything. It’s like calling gameplay “clunky.” It’s Zephyr Breeze going “Ehhh…”
Okay one since when did clunky not become a valid criticism and two what does Fluttershy’s brother have to do
with anything?
As a rule among writers, when it comes to writing relationships that you want to portray as overall positive you want to avoid both extremes of the spectrum. You don’t want to glorify Joker/Harley, but you also shouldn’t write Bright Mac and Pear Butter either. Both of those have the same negative effect on the perception of relationships. Joker and Harley normalizes abuse, but Bright Mac and Pear Butter create the perception that more realistic relationships are unhealthy or abusive by comparison.
— Glass of Water - Ideologically Puritanical
I find it funny that a fanfic writer is trying to give out writing tips and also what on earth does Peet even
mean with “Bright Mac and Pear Butter create the perception that more realistic relationships are unhealthy or
abusive by comparison”? Like really it has been a while since I saw the episode. But didn’t those two have issues
with their relationship because of their family?
anonymous asked:
Someone is arguing that Ross in Friends is written in a way we’re supposed to sympathize with him, even when he does some sketchy, “Nice Guy TM” things. I’m not sure how true this is, but I know you’ve watched the show. Do you think he is supposed to be sympathetic?
lily-peet answered:
“Sympathetic” does not mean “Approve of every single one of their actions.”
I wonder when sympathetic came to mean “they can do no wrong” as opposed to “you can understand and feel bad for them despite knowing they’re clearly doing wrong.”

Good characters are nuanced and complicated, and they’re often never ideologically pure.
Fandom doesn’t like that because it means that analyzing them and deciding whether or not they’re good characters requires actual effort. And that’s effort that they’re not willing to put in. Fandom likes things straightforward and simple. Objective “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” that doesn’t require them to think in any way.
This, incidentally, is why Friendship is Magic so frequently sees cries of “Out of character” when people like Twilight or Rainbow Dash do less-than-perfect things. That nuance means that the average fan has to put in more effort to unpack their behavior, and they don’t want to do that. So when put into a position where they’re forced to do that, they fold their arms and stubbornly sulk until the show makes things simple again.
Funny how Peet is whining about stubborn people when she never stops whining about Josh.
pumpkinpieowl asked:
I liken the queer slur to the n word. I know there are some black people who are uncomfortable hearing it, even from their own peers, even though it’s widely accepted as a reclaimed term. Even though queer can’t necessarily be called “reclaimed” as of yet, in ten years, I have a feeling it will be, just like the word “dyke” was reclaimed by the lesbian community. I personally am not comfortable hearing the word, but I know others in the community are fine with it. It’s an individual thing.
I liken it to the N Word as well: I don’t care who you are, if you use it in my presence you’re getting hit across the head.
what a shock Peet being violent.

anonymous asked:
I thought being overweight was unhealthy?
No. High cholesterol, blood pressure, or sugar intake is unhealthy. Your weight is determined almost entirely by your caloric intake. It’s just that in about some cases, foods that are very high in calories will often contain excess amounts of sugar, sodium or cholesterol.
It’s correlation, not causation.
The foods that most contribute to weight gain tend to be foods that are high in carbohydrates. Particularly bread, which doesn’t negatively impact your health in any way. So most of the time someone can be overweight, but have absolutely zero health issues because the health issues are caused by different factors than what causes weight gain.
The important thing is that you have no way of knowing this about a specific person unless you’re their physician. So that’s why you should keep your opinions about other people’s weight to yourself.
anonymous asked:
have you heard of q***r platonic partnerships? i never understood it really, to me it really does sound like a weird unnecessary way to say best friends, and trying to explain it to anyone who isn’t frequently on the internet is met with so much confusion
It is an unnecessarily weird way to say “Best friends” that is likely to get you slapped by anyone with an ounce of enlightenment in them.
I think this is a side effect of the “just friends” mentality, where the concept of friendship has been watered down into something people perceive as insignificant.
Anyone want to tell Peet the reason why friendships are seen as insignificant is because of the crazy shippers
who see romance in everything?
anonymous asked:
some people use queer to describe their sexuality/ gender identity. Shocking, I know.
If you want to use meaningless jargon rather than actual language, then be my guest. I am not obligated to pretend that it is anything other than derogatory crap or permit it to be used around me.
I’m no stranger to people doing things that are counter-productive and stupid.
In other words Peet is acting like she can speak for everyone again. Oh and how is it counter-productive?
anonymous asked:
What’s your opinion on the fact that most bronies consider Spike At Your Service to be the worst episode of MLP?
Spike is the whipping boy, so if there was ever going to be a consensus on the worst episode, it is going to be a Spike episode.
The actual worst episodes (DPDoMS, Newbie Dash, Parental Glideance) require a certain degree of familiarity with certain fields (Mental health, Behavioral Psychology, Parenting respectively) to recognize why they’re so horrible. The reasons they get defended tend to be
“It’s relatable” 
“I’m stupid enough to think that hazing works despite mountains of studies saying otherwise and it being officially discouraged by the military” 
“I’m stupid enough to think that parental behavior should never be questioned.” 
Spike At Your Service is what some people call “cringe comedy.” The three I name-dropped teach objectively unhealthy and dangerous lessons to children. A lot of bronies have extremely poor priorities and are vocal in their lack of interest regarding the themes of the episodes. Dr Wolf had to make a video talking about the importance of the morals in MLP because the fandom whines whenever people talk about them.
Taking this in mind, community consensus doesn’t count for shit because the community has demonstrated that they have no taste and will gleefully eat garbage.
I tend to disregard complaints about “cringe comedy” because as I said in Discord Princess, the idea that bronies have standards for comedy is laughable. They are obsessed with memes and references, and as such have no business calling anything “cringeworthy.” Glass houses and all.
Wow I am surprised she didn’t attack Josh in this post. Oh and Peet you are the last person who should whine
about glass houses. After all you did an In A Minute on the episode just to attack people who did have legit
issues about the episode. Also in the same In A Minute you whined about people not having fun when you attack
anime fans and gamers all the time. I also think some Bronies have more taste then you. After all the people of
E4B have that rape joke you made to that trans person who’s only crime against you was using science against you.
There is a screencap of the article that these people are talking about
I mean, great little girl and all.
But people understand this is not really a heartwarming story, right?

This is fucking UNTHINKABLE in Scotland. Every child under the age of 8 is entitled to a free school meal, and milk cartons cost about 12p otherwise.

In Sweden we get free food until we graduate at the age of 18/19 AND school is completely free, nothing has t be payed for.

In America we routinely let children starve but I guess it’s an improvement in the cannibalism in jamestown

I swear to freaking god if this country didn’t have Halloween and most of my family in it I would move the fuck out immediately, just to escape this bullshit

Honest Headline - Five year old child does government’s job for them
Okay I know it has been a while since I’ve been in school and all but aren’t there still free lunch programs and half-price lunches programs for people from poor families and other things in America?

thanks for the info I was trying to remember. Which is sad since I can’t remember the info of my own home country
which is the USA but my mind is filled with more important things…….like wanting manga. XD
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.

Y'all are stupid!
What if she realizes there’s only one black woman fighting for the resistence in Wolfenstein 2? I mean, we already are getting people comparing the nazis from that game with us. Because of course we are jewish killers

I think she is already aware of that. I noticed a couple of times in the past when typing in her name in the
YouTube search she was streaming Wolfenstein 2. Though you won’t find anything now since she doesn’t really show
her gameplay after her streams end.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.

Y'all are stupid!
Course she thinks we are monsters like those nazis.
You know, i hate when someone compares me to those freaks. So maybe if someone calls me a nazi i’ll waste no time in punching the rascal.
Wai wait, hold on. I though peet hate video games

yeah she does play video games but the issue is she isn’t all that good at them. What she does hate is Gamers and
games she or her idol Anita see as oppressive to women.
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