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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

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@Dex Stewart  
At least someone on this thread is looking back on it with a shred of empathy towards Lily. It only took us 886 pages.
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Trans rights are human rights.  
The first pride was a riot.  
Defund and disarm the police.
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I guess that means the channel will now be more consistent with content, given Lily’s content have been pretty scarce lately, outside of daily livestreams.
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the irony is that Josh wanting to defend him self from Lily make him the bad guy but Lily wanting to “defend” her self from Josh and others that called her out then it’s not bad.
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I don’t really know if this matters but here is something that might be talk worthy.

sent a message
Something you mentioned really stuck with me: the gang turns a blind eye to Lily’s abuse when it’s not directed at them. Interesting since Lily went on and actual fucking crusade to slander and destroy anyone who she perceived as exhibiting that behavior in the Brony community back in the day. Like, she outright accused one of the community’s most beloved creators of malice towards abuse survivors because she demanded a sit down and he said no because he didn’t want to get screamed at.
They absolutely do. They’ve seen it happen multiple times, at this point, and they’re still sticking with her. Personally, I think that says a lot about them and the people who still give her any sort of credit.
Allow me to add context: he and several other bronies were covering for a sexual predator until I made it public that he was sexting a minor for over a year. He then partnered with another Brony and made a video asking everyone to forgive said predator, “for their own sake.” Naturally, as someone who’s been abused, this pissed Lily off.
So forgive me if I side with Lily here. Plus, she would’ve had Sketchy and someone else this predator victimized with her as well, so they could’ve at least reigned her in.”
Like why is Segasister forgetting the fact that Lily her self had info about Toon’s sins and said crud all about anything?
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yeah it’s a shame to see that Segasister seems to of jumped onto the Josh is the bad guy train. Because didn’t Segasister use to be sane?
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De meows
I’m not so sure about that with my personal interactions with her, I just think she’s two-faced. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that she deleted the post about her talking to toon after everyone agreed to not talk to him again.
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Yeah two faced does seem to be correct seeing as again she is getting onto Josh and the others for what happened during and after Toon’s sins where reviled and is ignoring not only what her leaking did but is just flat out seeming to ignore Lily not doing anything with info she had on Toon which again Lily did nothing with and seemed very happy to have a reason to go after Josh and the Brony fanbase.
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yeah because that leaking caused Toon to get away with his crimes and then of course Lily taking advantage of the leak to again demonize Josh and the Brony fanbase. Not going to lie I feel sorry for the Brony fanbase because this fandom seems to be the universal punching bag or is that just me?
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