The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

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I should really stop reading stuff about Lily. It doesn't do well for my mental health. Seeing a person doing all these disgusting thing and receive nothing but praise… It's horrible. And the worst part is that I'm sensing that I'm beginning to use the same techniques as her in real life.

Sorry for bringing up a dead topic about the tips she did but isn't it funny one of her tips was take advice when she gets upset over getting criticisms about her works.

You know what I'll always find so amusing about Lily is the fact that she can in her writing tips say take advice when she could never do that in her life. Need I even bring up her First impressions of Netflix's She-ra video?


been following the events on Kiwi Farms and I find it funny how Lily is all my friends say I ain't bad as if she doesn't have this bad habit of getting triggered when ever she gets called out on anything.

well apparently Lily has a video up called "stop saying Pixar aren't for kids" I never saw anyone online saying that Pixar ain't for kids
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