The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

Background Pony #78D6
The joke is that kiwi farms is awful, but milking the lolcow here isn’t much healthier.  
Maybe it’s time to let it die and rest in, uhhh… well, leave it to rot, anyway.

@Brass Melody
To be honest I figured someone would of told Background Pony 84C4 that them saying leaving Lily alone would of made more sense when this forum was way more active like years ago and not just the occasional post here or there.
Background Pony #78D6
Back when the forum was way more active, Jerry was actively harassing friends of mine. Shit used to be worth talking about, now it’s just poking a compost pile with some corpses in it.

I know this video is about to be two weeks old but this is also other reminder of how Lily seems to think little of her fans and how whiny she can be.
It’s called Talking About Work, Stress Cluelessness and Burnout but it might as well be call Playing the Worlds Smallest Violin the video.
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here’s timestamps made by someone on Kiwifarms
4:35: Lily is stressed out with her job, and hates that everyone recommends taking a break, doing an annoying voice, and saying that she can’t since her income from Youtube doesn’t allow it. I don’t know how accurate that is but I’ve heard similarly bad things so I can believe it.
5:10: Lily sticks with the claim that she’s had and recovered from Corona, but also says she’s had both a cold and flu
5:55: her audience doesn’t show her basic human decency, because they ask stupid questions, citing the “lgbt monsters world building thing” which I can understand being angry at having to answer that over and over again, but ffs Lily, your audience is a bunch of stupid teenagers, and you think they’re treating you inhumanely?
7:53: Lily asked her patrons in a discord call to read a script for her stupid comic, and all they did was mess around gasp, brief aside, but Lily you mess with and shit talk your fans constantly, so by now they probably think you’ll insult them or dismiss their thoughts no matter what they say, you did this to yourself, afterward this whole exchange made her scream at her patrons and break down crying after ending the call
9:50: I forgot about this, she claims someone doxed her and sent her a switch so she would review sword and shield, if I recall we’ve yet to see a switch, and she still refuses to send it back or play it, so it’s just gathering dust if it even exists
11:10: we’re back to Steven Universe, Lily says she doesn’t want to and will never want to talk about it, and that everyone spamming her with asks needs to stop, I don’t believe that, Lily has been goaded into making threads about repeatedly, like I think she did one last week in fact, so she’s still willing to talk about it, but she can’t handle her fans wanting to talk about it, and this little rant ends with her complaining about Lizzy

@Background Pony #0BD5
Yeah I don’t get why she doesn’t just take breaks more often it seems reasonable that even her own white knights are telling her that. Then again I think remember some post from Kiwi Farms where she compared being asked to do homework to being abused.

You know I do find it funny that Lily got onto Starlight for brain washing Twilight’s Friends when you know Lily wish’s that type of power was real so she could do the very same thing.

Here is a qoute from her Community page on YouTube.
The next video will be a Top 10 Best/Worst/Blandest episodes of Friendship is Magic
The entire series.
Is it fair to say I have a feeling we’ll get more bashing on Slice of Life, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, and the episode about the Apple siblings parents? Should I also take a guess that she’ll do more whining about Cozy Glow being an antagonist?
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