The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


To this day it does still amaze me that Lily of all people will play that can we just know what fun is card. When she seems to be as much of a stick in the mud.

Sorry to double post but saw a couple of things that finally felt talk worthy.
I know this is splitting hairs, but I’m curious. What are your opinions of people who consume problematic materials (like icest/pdo ships, for example), but does not, in real life, engage in the acts the media they consume depicts?
In the case of incest, were the laws different in some way they would absolutely be doing it. Same goes for pedophiles, except they’re already breaking the law by consuming the material. Even outside that paradigm, they’re still turned on by that material. They’re still actively seeking it out.
Pedophilia doesn’t mean you’ve committed a crime (not yet at least) it means you’re turned on by children. Tell yourself whatever lies you wish, but the reality is if you consume pedophilic content you ARE a pedophile.
Likewise with incest, we just don’t have a fancy technical term for that.
It’s pretty much a distinction without a difference. They’re disgusting people no matter what particular law they’re breaking.
The “Non Offender” is in therapy, not on a message board.
This is all funny coming from her since she deleted her fanfic Stockholm which had content she’s been whining about being in the Brony fandom for years now. Speaking of which I do find it hypocritical that again no one seemed to give a crap about incest or pedo theme fanfics and incest or pedo themed fanart until Friendship is Magic came around. Oh wait Lily is a hypocritical person and she is also of the it is only bad when everyone else does it type of person
What you’re saying about the people who do consume or create problematic material is absolute bullshit. Flowers in the Attic, Stephen King’s IT, and GoT all exist and have been made into movies and consumed by a large audience yet none of the people involved in any of those would be labeled a pedophile/incest supporter because that’s not how reality works. And you can delete this, insult me, whatever you want, but your lies are disgusting.
That’s not what the anon was referring to and you fucking well know it
Wait, IT? What in IT?
Well to reply to anon first for the most part a lot of that stuff from books tend to be changed when made into movies or TV and to reply to Lily if I remember Wikipedia right in the book version of It there is a part during when the main characters where kids they did the deed. It is almost like the USA for the most part knows that real kids are more important then made up characters.
Saw something else that felt talk worthy
Woah woah woah. I definitely understand telling people to stop telling you triggering stories about their abuse but I really think it’s messed up for you and Mikalia to call them creeps or tell them to f off when they were victims, not the abuser. I just don’t know what to say to that but that is truly foul and cold as ice. That was sick.
I didn’t ask for their stories, they just threw them in my inbox out of the blue. And you don’t know the content of them, so don’t fucking tone police me.
I already said to stop earlier today and the just fucking kept going.
Maybe look at how gross it is to present these stories unsolicited to a woman who still experiences PTSD from her own experiences. Hmm?
Or do I not count when it comes to basic human decency?
Men also deserve basic human decency yet you only blame their issues on only Toxic Masculinity and not Society as a whole. Oh and funny how you want to be treated like a human when your always degrading cis people and hetero people.
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Okay I’m only four minutes and forty four seconds in and I’m already laughing my ass off at the two minutes and eight seconds dedicated to ship shaming as well the other bit of time trying to say that art always influences people rather than said influence being a choice since people interoperate art in different ways.

@Brass Melody
I know I am not the person you replied to but I do also want to point out that she her self pointed out how the human brain is complex and yet she still seems to think people who make messed up fanfics or messed up fanart are somehow all in support of pedos or incest.

Yeah I don’t get her logic. I mean yeah she deleted her Stockholm fanfics but one could easily argue that it makes her look worse then if she had just kept them up. Plus I like how she keeps acting like Josh and crew have did nothing but defend Toon yet they did like everyone else did and disowned Toon after he was outed. I mean all they did was put out the remaining videos of some D&D session that I remember Lily outright telling people to flag which got her in trouble with YouTube.
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So here’s a thought on ‘problematic shipping’: she says the underlying problems of those ships being overlooked is bad. She also implies that art is telling and revealing of real thoughts held by people. So if you accept Belle and the Beast as a couple, you don’t have a problem with a Stockholm syndrome romance in fiction, and therefore don’t have a problem with it in real life.
My growing up experience and opinion has always been “there’s no wrong way to fantasize” (though it was a bit on the nose and self aware when Celestia said those words). The way I arrived at this, and let’s stop the pussy-footing right here, was when I first did research on rape. Amongst the myriad of questions was “is it okay to fantasize about rape or roleplay a rape scenario?”. The answer I received was yes, it is entirely reasonable to explore dark, sexual themes and not be a rapist or less of a victim yourself should it happen for real. And this wasn’t from some conservative, sexist place. I grew up in a very socialist, feminist and non-kinkshaming environment.
But by Lily’s logic, this does not appear true; if you have thoughts of fantasized rape, you are a menace held back by a thin wall of self image or a victim excusing the behaviour of a monster. And this extends to other more or less extreme examples. Sometimes I would agree that fiction desensitizes us to the negative aspects of what we enjoy. Maybe it is true that video games reduce our reaction to violence, but we do not lose moral agency from that. We still have the power over ourselves to not shoot up a school or nightclub. Similarly, I have to believe that people who watch Beauty and the Beast and enjoy the romance, but recognize the unequal dynamic between Belle and the Beast are not inclined to put another person in a situation where loving them is their way out.
Even if art is a reflection of values as a society, it just feels simplistic to say that what you consume is cause for condemnation of morality or character. And I don’t like the logical follow-up question if art should be suppressed or censored when it does not reflect the desired behaviour from humans who might be influenced by it on the unmerited assumption they have no control over how they respond to undesirable expressions.

This is my problem with what Lily is saying in a nutshell and why I don’t think she fully cares for the kids like
she clams she does. Because think about it how many years could she of been calling out this stuff. Because correct
me if I am wrong but it just feels like she started caring after Toon was outed and even then she only seemed to
care about Toon being outed as a way to bad mouth Josh and crew. I mean this video was the same like her Ray
Deserves Better video just taking shipping way to seriously when she seemed to not care about problematic stuff in
fanfic or fanart as long as it wasn’t bronies doing the messed up fanfics or fanart.

Oh yeah the OC who is apparently a Sith but somehow not a Sith.
(edit) I didn’t feel like double post but I saw this on Kiwi Farms
Are you looking forward to any more films with Rey in them?
No. Lucasfilm already fucked Rey up, I don’t want to see them flail around trying to fix her.
They did this with Ahsoka and Maul, constantly bringing these characters back unnecessarily when their stories served their purpose just because fans wanted more content with them. Maul especially was brought back after his DEATH only because fans thought he was “cool” and wanted more Maul content even when Maul had no purpose to serve other than being a cool, menacing final boss for The Phantom Menace.
He NEVER should have been brought back.
Ahsoka walking out on the Jedi after being so thoroughly betrayed by them and leaving Anakin’s faith in the Jedi shattered was a good end to her story. I would have been happy if she never showed up again after that. But not only did she show up again for Rebels, she was saved from certain death by Dumb Mystical Bullshit just to be turned into Gandalf.
Lucasfilm needs to learn to let go of characters when they’re done and stop ruining them through overexposure. So if I never see Rey again, I’ll be happy. She got fucked over in TROS, but I don’t want to see Luscasfilm try to fix that. They’ll just make it worse.
Just let it go and move on to something else. This is what Lucasfilm needs to learn: Let the fuck go of certain things. Stop fucking clinging so hard to fan favorite characters to the point people start to fucking hate them. Just let a character’s story end and stop trying to make up ways to keep them in.
I’m morbidly curious about their rumored KOTOR films if only because it’ll be so much harder to justify bringing back certain fan favorites from the small part of the story they’ve fixated on so far. But I’m also certain they’ll just do the same shit they always do.
If Revan and the Exile are male, they’re going to be the most bland, boring characters ever.
If they’re female, they’re gonna get fucked over HARD in favor of… I dunno, Darth Malak’s redemption or something.
Don’t even expect to see Kreia. Hope she never shows up, they will ABSOLUTELY ruin her because her attitude about the Force doesn’t fit with Disney’s santized version of it.
Don’t fix Rey, Disney. That’s my job.
I admit I am only showing this because I find it funny that Lily is telling a company need to learn to let go of certain things when she is always insulting Josh, Lizzy, Gamers, anime fans, Bronies, and now just fandoms in general along with Shippers. Anything else I a missing?
Here have more of Lily being Lily for context an anon mentioned why people haven’t been enjoying Doctor Who lately Lily was being Lily then other anon called her out for her Disney Trilogy remake fanfic and then this happened
Yeah but it’s literally Star Wars fanfic. Like that’s literally what you wrote. Rey isn’t your OC. And I’m fairly certain you didn’t magically invent lightsabers and the Force. So thats what you’re writing. So your stupid Sci-Fi is somehow worth more than ours? You’re allowed to fixate on a mostly bad franchise for the good you find in it but us finding the show good and meaningful is stupid?
Except I’m rewriting the ST to be exactly the kind of B-Movie Sci Fi that Star Wars used to be before Disney shoved their head up their ass about it. Star Wars is PEAK cheap, crappy Sci Fi. It’s a fucking Samurai Movie in Space, how much more “stupid ass Sci Fi” can you get?
Despite what it sounds like in videos where I have to put on a certain air, I don’t get angry about Star Wars when it’s bad. Only when it’s gross or boring. Otherwise you’d see a video talking about Empire Strikes Back and what an edgy waste of time it was.
When I chose to rewrite it to more suit my tastes, it became a swashbuckling sapphic love story in space. Not exactly peak literature here guys. I accept that Star Wars is really stupid. And Doctor Who is the same way. And just like how Star Wars suffered from the homogenization of the entertainment industry, so did Doctor Who.
That’s what made that show less enjoyable for people. It wasn’t Steven Moffat, it was the same thing that’s ruining everything else. This shift toward a very limited pool of tropes that, in 2009, Tumblr was creaming their jeans over. And which very easily impressed people continue to cream their jeans over. Audiences believe serialization is better, and so everything goes that way, and so shows go downhill.
This has happened so frequently that to continue getting angry about it is just a waste of energy. We all know why it happens. You only noticed when it happened to your favorite thing.
I’ve always talked about the importance of NOT getting emotionally attached to shows. Especially not now. I don’t see why you’re surprised about me continuing to assert that when your favorite thing is the subject.
Says the woman who made videos defending Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory.
getting emotionally attached to created works is normal. if you aren’t trying to get people hooked on your universe by delivering satisfying emotional connections and moments that the audience can enjoy then why in the hell are you even publishing your bare bones star wars fanfic rewrite in the first place you walking skid mark
I’m making something for people to have fun with. Not to get them emotionally addicted to. To treat reading a story with as much gravity as they would enjoy a piece of cake. To sit back at the end and go “Well that was a fun ride” and go on with their day, not to go “Oh I identified with these characters and they were mEaNInGfUl and now I’m going to stake my entire identity around them!”
This is why I’ve overwhelmingly focused on Slice of Life storytelling, and why I put a lot of it into the rewrite with things like increased travel time and downtime between battles to facilitate the actual meat of the story: developing relationships. I don’t want to get people hooked on my universe. I don’t want to make an addict of someone. That only cheapens a story and cheapens enjoyment by making it part of a self-destructive cycle that can only lead to disappointment.
In an ideal world, people aren’t reading TSR because they’re “hooked on the universe and NEED to know what happens next,” they’re reading it because “Rey and Alie are cute.”
That’s it. I’m serving up the literary equivalent of a burger. That’s what I’ve always made with my writing, it’s all I WANT to make. On the few instances where Scars, or Madhouse or TSR has resonated with someone in some way, it’s always been completely coincidental. I don’t do symbolism, I don’t do relatability, I don’t do any of that shit. I write fun characters, and make them do fun stuff, hopefully everyone has a good time, and that’s what I’m happy doing.

I find it ironic that Lily is telling someone to get therapy help when Lily seems to think making morally questionable art with themes such as pedo and incest means your a monster who’ll commit real crimes.
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Not to mention gullible as well, as Patch made their own Twitter thread showing the real context of what happened, and that Raven lied about their story, just to get Lily to bitch about Patch.
https ://twitter. com/patchie_the_cat/status/1232870161473867776?s=19
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You know, I kinda feel like this thread should just move over to kiwi farms at this point. Jerry has been an embarrassing lolcow for over five years now, and talking about it all the time just makes it worse.

@Background Pony #84C6
In all honesty Kiwi Farms is a website full of it’s own holier then thou types. Not to mention and I am sorry for
sounding like a soccermom but it bugs me that they use Autistic as an insult in the place of words like stupid or
dumb. I mean good on them for showing they don’t give a crap which is more then Lily doing the whole pretending to
care crap but they can be on the same levels of horrible as her sometimes.
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