The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


@Bizarre Tibetan Sand Fox
You know what always got me when it came to the Brony fandom. How everyone who seemed to ignore all the pedo themed porn and pedo themed fanfic of every other show or video game along with all the other messed up stuff fandoms would make fanfic or fanart wise aimed at kids more specifically shows aimed at little boys but then went on to demonized Bronies for having the same thing that every other fandom had. It is was almost like nobody cared for little boys being exposed to that stuff but oh no when it is a show aimed at little girls then we have to get up in arms.
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What grinded my gears this time was the vehement insistence MLP should be slice of life, and that worldbuilding comes from adventure, and that that shouldn’t be what the show is about. Not only do I personally feel that’s wrong, because I’d have been much less interested myself, but I think it also fails to grasp the mindset the show set out to break with. This idea that girls must be spoonfed social interaction slice-of-life stories until their tastebuds go numb. That girls cannot appreciate action, suspense and adventure. Going on exciting, magical adventures in a world of fantasy, with monsters and villains to defeat is a boys thing, and not for girls. Maybe it’s cliché to invoke Lauren Faust ten years down the road, but wasn’t she trying to recapture the parts of Gen 1 that actually broke this mold and appealed to her, as a woman?
And isn’t that what experience tells us is what cartoons should do? I mean, lots of boys (and tomboys) will recount their enjoyment of Batman, Transformers, Power Rangers. Inbetween you may have some overlap for gender neutral series like Ducktales and the Smurfs. But nobody, not even girls, look back fondly at a Barbie series, or the now almost-forgotten Maple Town (I actually kinda liked that, but it’s got nothing on Rescue Rangers or Animals of Farthing Wood). Slice of life might have an important role to play, even within normally adventure oriented series. But an all SoL series is dull and forgettable.

Other thing that got me about the video was how she mentioned we need to cut toxic friends out of our lives while seeming to forget how horrible Trixie started to become to Starlight. Because let’s not pretend Trixie was much better then Starlight during their friendship. Need I bring up when Trixie made the map teleport to the spa ponies and how much of a whiner she was in the episode that showed Thorax’s brother for the first time said episode I remember ending with Trixie throwing Starlight under the bus for what was Trixie’s idea.
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I take it for granted that Starlight does not fully appreciate the sanctity of the mind or the property rights of others. Which I excuse as Equestria apparently not having a problem with mind control, at least when the ‘good guys’ do it. Twilight did it in Lesson Zero with her want-it-need-it spell, and again looking up a ‘reformation’ spell to use on Discord. Her trading Trixie’s wagon was wrong, but it honestly could have solved a lot of the problems she and Trixie were having on their trip.  
The ‘toxicity’ of their relationship really seems to stem just from Lily’s hatred of Starlight. Trixie and Starlight are equally flawed, but their unwillingness to hold grudges, and a shared desire for forgiveness makes it unlikely they’ll act with malice towards eachother. But this is Lily we’re talking about, who’s predisposed to always see things on the wrong side of Hanlon’s Razor.

Other thing that does get me is how Lily sometimes seems to understand how the internet works but every other time seems to not understand how the internet works. Like in both this video and that video on Grizzly the Medic she seems aware about other fandoms having darker works and Rule 34 content but for some reason treats it worse because of the Brony fanbase having the same things you see online from other fandoms.

I mean it is hard to not see that seeing as she seems to love more wholesome content which wouldn’t be a problem accept she comes across as only good stuff is what I say is good type of person.
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Because let’s not pretend Trixie was much better then Starlight during their friendship.
not to be an ass, but this guy is totally guilty of just that. he totally whitewashes over any of Trixie’s worst aspects and refuses to acknowledge anything positive about Starlight.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a fan of Lily, considering he tends to be a bit like her when it comes to Glimmer.

Sorry to double post but here is something Lily related.
I don’t get tyrannical leaders reacting with such hostility when people make memes out of them. If I were a tyrannical despot I’d not only allow it, I’d encourage it. That’s how you associate your name with laughter and joy and make it easier to distract the populace from your systematic destruction of their rights and freedoms.
I’m just a funny meme, no human rights atrocities here!
Let the people make fun of you and your crimes become buried under irony and sarcasm. We made fun of Nazis for decades and now they’re back and a bunch of people don’t take it seriously because “Nazi” has been used as an inherently hyperbolic word for longer than it was used to refer to a very real monster.
Didn’t want to triple post
In A Minute - Chicken Little
Glass of Water - Toxic Love (Discussing Reylo and why it’s terrible and it’s fans are disgusting piles of garbage trash)
You know I thought I remember at one time Lily saying people should leave shippers alone and now look at this. Anyway saw this on Lily’s Community YouTube page.
More things related to the upcoming Glass of Water-Toxic Love.
The only revelation to be found here is that: Yes. Women can be just as big of creepy, disturbing perverts as men can. And if that is news to you, I have an entire series of shitty books you might want to look up. It’s high time that intellectually honest people stopped pretending that the straight-woman equivalent of a disgusting, unwashed weeb humping an anime body pillow is anything other than a disturbing trend.
— Glass of Water - Toxic Love
You know this is agreeable now if it wasn’t being said by someone who likes to whitewash Trixie’s toxic nature in the friendship of her and Starlight.
Again taking shippers way to seriously I see or is Lily only doing this because the shipping is a straight ship shipping?
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It really does sort of amaze me how Lily can call her self an ally of the LGBT when she keeps on acting like all straight and cis people are evil monsters which I am pretty sure is what the LGBT don’t want to be stereotyped as. Because again I am still trying to figure out where the crap she is getting this Pokemon fans hate Gardivor from.

saw this.
Friend: Are you really making a video about why Enemies to Lovers is bad? Most fandoms do that.
Me: Throwing rocks at the status quo is like 90% of my appeal.
because as we all know the most appealing YouTubers are the ones who seemed to of forgotten what fun is.
Here is Lily’s new Glass of Water video. Glass of Water-Rey Deserved Better (yeah seems like she changed the title)
It has jabs at straight people and even had her calling Straight women who ship Reylo as having daddy issues and again taking shippers way to seriously. Oh and here is what is in the description of the video.
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Really couldn’t of found something better to say. Oh and for the fun of it saw this in the comment.
Alias Anybody
2 hours ago
It’s nice to see you didn’t blame the straight guys for Reylo - this abomination of an arc is on the fangirls.
Lily Orchard
1 hour ago
Give them a few minutes, straight men will fuck something up
Yeah I sure do wonder why people think you’re not a good ally for LGBT. /s
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Just wanted to drop in from the galley side of Derpi to bring you this little nugget that appeared a day ago
>>2258667 (deleted)
Either a fan or presumably Lily herself must be so desperate for attention from this community they’re dropping snippets of her last pony video here. Which keep in mind has never happened before whether it was her Starlight or Brony Drama videos. And looking at the comments shows absolutely no one cares and even those that agree just give a passive shrug in agreement. It’s actually quite comical like they expected us to blow this up like her SU video.

I would of just linked to an archive but the user for some reason didn’t archive link when they edited their post.
Oh joy Lily is going to show her white knights that she thinks fiction affects reality.
Didn’t feel like double posting
Did you see that Lindsay Ellis made a Twitter thread defending the ship between Beetlejuice and Lydia (15) not too long ago and acted like fiction doesn’t affect reality despite so much of her content being based around that? White leftists huh?
“Nostalgia Chick is a pedophile” is not the news I expected to get, but it’s not surprising either.
What the devil are you even talking about Lily? Also most shippers tend to age up characters anyway but then again I am talking about someone who is calling Lindsay Ellis by her old Channel Awesome name even though I am sure that is something she doesn’t want to be remembered for now since all that horrible stuff that came out about Channel Awesome a few years back. I know I brought this up before but I never will get how people online will be all oh playing violent video games doesn’t mean you’ll commit the acts in real life but then the moment someone does a pedo themed fanfic or pedo themed fanart then suddenly they’re a pedophile
What would you say to someone who says that heterosexuality is the majority/the norm and that’s why most fictional couples are straight?
Bisexuality is the norm. People only believe heterosexuality is the norm because of societal pressure from things like… Well the omnipresence of straight couples in our art.
Behold something Lily said that was so stupid even a fan or a random called her out
the-c-of-creativi-tee said: Don’t make the classic boomer mistake of pinning society’s issues on art. These are society’s issues, People get brainwashed by fake news, and toxic people, not art.
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