The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


I think the fourth one would give other reason why Peet would hate RWBY. RWBY goes from a lighthearted show to a
very serious show from Vol 1 to Vol 2 though admittedly you could tell it was going to head for a darker
direction. I mean since the first opening song for RWBY you could tell it was going to get dark.

Remember she is possibly married to Lizzy who is a Christian though and Peet might try to use the church shooting
as other reason for Gun control. Remember Peet at this point in time is most likely going to do everything she
can to keep in Lizzy’s good graces.

well I think someone in the church also had a gun and manged to shoot at the perp. Though I read about that part on
Wikipedia so who knows how accurate that is.
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Y'all are stupid!
I just don’t understand how people who wants gun control can’t see that the criminals doesn’t care about gun controls and that would only make things easier for them

because some people are just that stupid. After some just can’t seem to understand that humans will always find
ways to kill each other. Oh and I wonder what Peet’s reaction to this tweet of Trumps which I copy and pasted
from the Wikipedia article about the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting.
“May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan.”

Here are a couple of Peet related things.
anonymous asked:
What do you think about the sentiment going around that enbies choose to be the way they are, which means they’re not real trans people?
Going around? “It’s a choice” has always been the lazy, go-to response for someone who wants an excuse to not have to respect someone’s identity without getting criticism for it.
Personally, I think it’s emblematic of how stupid you are that your best excuse to not have to respect someone’s identity is one that actively protects their identity under Free Speech. That showcases just how badly the person is trying to find any excuse they can that their own argument against someone’s identity refutes itself.
But I also think that’s irrelevant. Everyone is aware by now that I encourage people to take a strictly more authoritarian attitude toward people who misgender them and cry when they’re inevitably when criticized. That attitude being “You’ll call me what I tell you to call me, or you’re going to start losing teeth.”
You don’t get to have an opinion on my identity or anyone else’s identity. It is mine to dictate to you, not the other way around. If a nonbinary person tells you to call them “They”, you will. If they tell you to call them Princess Consuela Bananna Hammock, you will. If you wanna kick up a stink about it, then be prepared for the consequences. That’s how life works.
If you’re not going to respect my basic right to my own identity, why should I respect any of your rights? That’s something conservatives never consider because their entire philosophy is “Fuck you, got mine.” That’s what their “personal responsibility” mantra is all about. “If you’re insulted by something I did, that’s entirely your fault.” It conveniently washes their hands of any consequences for their actions.
It’s the pathology of a child who doesn’t like getting punished. The excuses don’t matter. They pull them completely out of their ass. Just look at how many transphobes pull the “it’s biology” card despite the fact that biology has NEVER reinforced their beliefs. In fact, when encountered with real biology, they’ll often start freaking out. Case in point…
Anybody who even bothers to use google at all would know that Bill Nye didn’t question the scientific consensus on gender. The material he put in Bill Nye Saves the World IS the scientific consensus on gender. But right-wingers have never once bothered to look anything up because they treat science and rationalism with absolute contempt.
They will continue pulling excuses out of their ass. Hence we don’t play their game. It’s very simple: You call me what I tell you to call me, or I smash your fucking teeth in with a hammer.
A lot of people get really angry when I call people who purposefully misgender trans people or call being transgender a mental illness a “Nazi.” They get very pissy when I do that, asserting that they’re not a Nazi, they’re just people with opinion.
It’s ironic for two reasons.
Homophobia and Transphobia ARE Nazi beliefs. Explicitly. Hitler slaughtered the gays just as much as he slaughtered the Jews. If you don’t like being called a Nazi, stop spouting their beliefs. Pretty fucking simple. 

They’re angry that I’m assigning them an identity they don’t think applies to them, but that’s the exact same thing they’re doing to me when they refuse to respect my identity. Textbook conservatism: “You have to respect me, I don’t have to respect you.” Life doesn’t work that way. 
Transphobia is a Nazi belief whether you like it or not. And if Nazis want any respect at all, they’d better get on their knees and fucking grovel for it.
Peet really is trying to make her self look like the good guy.
anonymous asked:
Stockholm Ascentia is big into degredation. How would she feel about being called slurs during sex?
Me and Nintendogal coined this line the last time we were asked this.
“She likes being called the B-word and the C-word. If you try and call her the D-word or the Q-word, it may just be the last thing you ever do.”
Oh come on Peet don’t act like your shy about cussing.
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