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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

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🔥Sunset is best girl🔥
i’m a feminist even i think she’s full of shit. the only real reason she’s where she is because some assholes needed to raise a shitfit about here.

Yeah extremist ruin things for everyone and sorry to change the subject. I know I have asked this question
before but with Peet going all out crazy the past couple of years. I wonder why she hasn’t been trying to attack
Rooster Teeth more often? I remember in a comment of one of her videos the name of which I can’t remember. She
called the people of Rooster Teeth hacks because of them ContentIDing her In A Minute on the first four RWBY
episodes she did during 2015.

Here are some Peet related things from the archive website.
anonymous asked:
What are your thoughts on the “Scared Straight” programs? (Programs that have troubled kids see what being in jail is actually like in hopes to frighten them enough to stay on the right path)
They don’t actually work. They persist on a “common sense appeal” that they SHOULD work because kids are afraid of punishments. But in reality, youth offenses are often impulsive acts and as such fear of punishment is rarely factored into the choice to commit crime. It might stop kids from becoming drug dealers (all .001% of them) but it won’t stop the anger-fueled outbursts that make up the vast majority of youth crime.
A similar problem is found with military hazing: It is often claimed by Privates that it creates a sense of unity between recruits. However Officers and behavioral psychologists have observed that it creates animosity and resentment, making recruits MORE likely to stab each other in the back, not less.
anonymous asked:
my parents seem to think that intimidation is a feeling that you can just ‘turn off’ in their words. Is this true? And either way do you know any ways to deal with feeling intimidated?
No it isn’t true.
And how you deal with feeling intimidated is entirely dependent on the situation.
pumpkinpieowl asked:
So, my mother cleaned my room while I was at work and threw out some small feathers I got from a parrot sanctuary I helped out a while back without my permission. Do I have a right to be upset? It just feels really dickish since I would never even think of doing that to her rocks or sticks and the fact that she always cleans my room and goes through my stuff this way whenever I’m not home. Do I have a right to be upset, considering that it’s a small useless thing that’s purely sentimental?
It’s not the objects thrown away that you should be upset about, it’s the complete and total disregard for your privacy and your belongings that you should be upset about.
And yes, you do have the right to be upset about it. “Don’t touch things that don’t belong to you” should not be a difficult concept.
anonymous asked:
If you had a ton of money how would you use it to improve your videos?
Create a proper recording booth in my apartment and network different PC’s together to create ideal environments for each stage of production. Currently my videos cannot be improved very much by throwing money at it. All that can be done is streamlining the production.
anonymous asked:
One of my biggest concerns with the whole Alliance vs. Horde setup for BfA is that they are shifting the morality to “Horde = Evil, Alliance = Good” shtick again. Given that Sylvanas looks to be turning into a Garrosh 2.0, do you think that there will be any descenting opinions among the Horde to her pushing for war? Considering what Baine Bloodhoof went through due to Garrosh, how do you think he and the Highmountain Tauren are going to justify allegiance to the Horde?
Where are you getting this idea?
deriogames asked:
How deep into meme are you? I can never tell besides all the movie Bob and yatzee call backs
I didn’t realize memes had depth

yeah Peet really does seem to ignore that part of her fanfic. Which makes an outburst she had a few months ago at
someone all the more funny because she ended up call them a pedo and used her own fanfic with the cliche but the
pedo is killed in the story excuse. I should find that post on E4B.
Okay you two here was the post I was talking about. There is a link to the source for better reading.

Knowing Lizzy even if someone did show her the post she would find someone way to defend Peet since she did seem
upset at the last person derped showed a screencap of. After all this is the same Peet who has the nerve to act
holier then thou. After all it is funny she was attacking that person for talking about drawings then used her
own fanfic with the same type of theme as a defense.
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