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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


I had saw that Peet did a video for her plans in 2018 but the short of it is her in a minutes will no longer have
a rating system, She’ll do a bit more of a mini review of each episode of MLP:FIM and Tangled the series at the
end of each month, she is updating some other things like backgrounds and all that, bringing back that Clopdrawer
podcast but it only happens when it happens, Oh and the little mini theme for Glass of Water in 2018 is going to
be about The Big Bang Theory. She also mentioned the Glass of Waters for November being Inferno and a video I
forgot the name of but it has Tempest from the 2017 MLP movie in the thumbnail.

I think that was why she never did that video on Bayonetta. A long while back I think a video at the tale end
of 2015 back when she did 3AM Rambles. She one said she was going to do a video on Bayonetta and her design. I
think she didn’t make because she either couldn’t make the video long enough or she realized she would get
flooded with people telling her over and over again that Bayonetta was created by a woman along with the fact she
would make a moron of her self because one time in a YouTube comment chain she showed how much of a moron she was
because she said Bayonetta play’s things straight which the Bayonetta games do not.

I could only get through nearly a minute of it before I had to call it quits. I hope Peet wouldn’t be that much
of a moron but then again. We are talking about a woman who thinks RWBY can easily be comparable to the Room.
Mind you RWBY is a Web cartoon and The Room is a movie.
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