The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


Speaking of DWM Peet outright lied in her first video of 2016 or 2015 she had did a video about the DWM event and
she was all nobody knew what Pinkie Posh was trying to do when she did DWM. Oh and like Pinkie Posh and Peet was
also caught doing her Stockholm fanfic around the same time frame if I remember right.
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okay you two calm down and laugh at the archive link that platinummanaxl linked to of a woman who cosplayed as
Lily Peet for a thing called Fearcon for a project while also saying how she is rubbing it in the face of all
those who misgender and dead name Peet. I mean I am just saying Adam from RWBY, Dio of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,
and Queen Chrysalis of MLP:FIM are more scary then Peet.
I am :P
Then again, the Brony Fandumb never seems to learn either.
Ask CrassMetalHead or I if you don’t believe me…

again I love how that fan thinks people are scared of Peet. I mean I’ll name those four I already mentioned. Adam
of RWBY, Dio of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Queen Chrysalis of MLP:FIM, and Stain of My Hero Academia are way more
intimidating then Peet could ever hope to be.

yep all those screencaps where Peet speaking about her self at the same time. That last one made me even question
why Josh ever tried to be friends with Peet in the first place.
The Glim Glam
Wallet After Summer Sale -
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Glim Glam Fam~
Speaking of “old news”, I found these while I was busy scrolling on DeviantART if anyone’s interested…
%{P.S. Sorry if I haven’t been active in this forum recently. I’ve been busy with my job and personal shit for the past several days.}%
Even BEFORE the Political shit, Jerry was still a cuck boi.

I got bored and looked at the comments of JAR’s (Just A Robot) video on Lily Peet and saw this comment.
18 hours ago (edited)
I like how you mention you do mention good things about Lily (The whole “cross-dressing doesn’t automatically mean trans” is valid) and you suggest improvements if you notice something wrong. But in Lily’s defence…
Lily does try to improve whenever someone points valid problems and she already stated that she already knows why some people hate her, it’s because she confidently tells others that they’re wrong. She wants to see others improve and other Bronies/Writers/Youtubers have improved their content thanks to her advice.
Although I do find some points in this video valid, some others are either nitpicks or are problems she’s already learnt from. Her entire main point in Tropes vs Orchard Blossom video was that Big Mac isn’t trans and how his closer friends already pointed out that he’s male whilst the other characters who barely know him didn’t point out his gender even though they already knew (Because, that’ll be rude if anyone pointed that out to any stranger that looks like that). Lily still had her main point across as valid.
Edit: (Yes, people don’t like her because she’s too “bitter” but its something I easily get used to because she still makes good points and does them in an entertaining way. And no, I barely know anything about what happened to her and joshscorcher so I have nothing to say about that)
You know if Peet was improving then maybe she would talk about dramas when they are relvent and not long after
the fact. She would shut up about Josh and Ink Rose. She would stop stop treating everyone who disagrees with her
like they are the enemy. She would also try going after fandoms that have more issues. Like we all know that the
Brony fandom isn’t really as sweet and nice as we like it to be. But really when compaired to the SU fandom
Bronies are tame. The SU fandom got overpower by left leaning extremist who get triggered the moment you ship

Here are a lot of Peet archives from the archive website.
anonymous asked:
I’ll always be astonished at how much a fandom’s attitude towards particular characters can change over time. When Flash Sentry first appeared, everybody hated him. He kept being called “the worst character ever” or “a waifu stealer” pretty much every day. But now, after more recent EG specials and shorts, those same fans now fight amongst themselves over things like whether or not he should be with Twilight or try to rekindle his old relationship with Sunset. It’s just fascinating to me.
Flash Sentry was a knee-jerk reaction, similar to Shining Armor.
“Pretty Boy” + Bronies = “I fucking hate you for no reason.”
For all the faux criticism about him just being nice, pretty, and shy, there was always the elephant in the room: That also applies to Fluttershy and you idiots fucking love her.
Flash Sentry was a manufactroversy, as was Cadance and Shining Armor being “too perfect” or any moron who whines about Equestria being a Matriarchy.
I am not saying it wasn’t overreaction to Flash but really you going all Pretty boys+Bronies=I hate you for no reason. I mean that sounds like a jab you would do at anime fans not Bronies.
miss—mystery asked:
Vent art: art depicting imagery of ones mental issues. Can include personifications of depression all the way to depictions of cutting and suicide. It can be very helpful as you can release frustration and negative feelings while doing something with your hands that isn’t destructive. I’ve found it useful in the past.
Fun Fact: Venting is to anger and depression what gasoline is to fire.
If you’re habitually venting, FUCKING STOP.
It doesn’t actually help. People just think it does because they think negative emotions are natural buildup that needs to be released. Emotions don’t work that way. Venting without addressing the problem is only going to make said problem worse because you’re wallowing in your misery and turning it into an activity that provides mental pleasure.
What happens when you make misery something that your brain finds pleasurable? It wants more.
Problem Solving > Venting
Which is why your problem solving is always to resort to making attack videos Peety.
So her performances weren’t played, and that preceded playing petty poltergeist on the pitiful patrons of the pub? Hey, I’ll take petty paranormal pranks over the power-crazed and pernicious petulance of the ponies any day. That’s pretty problematic when you start to ponder it.
— The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth
I have no idea what this Glass of Water could even be about.
wierdvividdreamer asked:
Do you think people that choose not to vote have the right to complain about the outcome?
We need to stop thinking in terms of “right to complain” and more in terms of “well maybe you’ll get off your ass and vote next time.”
My mind is blown she isn’t wishing death hurry. XD
anonymous asked:
My aunt absolutely loves when I play your Glass of Water videos, especially Bug Spray. She says it’s so hard to find someone who is absolutely honest, straight to the point, and doesn’t rely on name calling when someone is being a jerk. She hopes you don’t get actually angry when making these videos.
Angry during the script, not so much during the drafting, recording and editing.
One of the hardest things is mimicking the anger I had during the writing of a particular segment in the recording.
okay everyone you may laugh if you want to.
anonymous asked:
“The concept of picking your targets is an extremely basic ethical standard.” I believe it was actually the other part of the tweet that caused dumb people to cry over it. Regardless, I already grew out of hating the quote. The earlier mention simply reminded me that that drama was a thing that happened.
Oh yeah, I remember it. Some idiots twisted it into a version of “The ends justify the means” when in reality it was a form of “Make sure the person is guilty before you execute.”
But of course it’s Moviebob, so petulant crybabies love to twist his words in all sorts of ways. He referred to Gators as “subhuman” once years ago and they still haven’t stopped crying about it.
Funny Peet how you mention people not getting over being called subhuman and yet you keep on crying about Josh
and Republicans and Bronies and every other person who doesn’t agree with you.
anonymous asked:
why are so many nazis anime fans? Like doesn’t liking anime go against the whole “white power” bullshit?
Most anime fans don’t watch anime to appreciate Japan’s rich culture. They watch anime because it has gone hogwild with perv pandering.
Peet you just going to ignore the fact a person was talking about Nazi anime fans? I guess the archiver just
didn’t want to archive the post where Peet calls some anime fan a Nazi. Oh and Peet want to give examples or do
you just think all anime is hentai or something?
Freedom of Speech doesn’t matter if you can’t trust your police force to not shoot you anyway and get away with it.
— Glass of Water - Inferno
Oh boy this is going to be more then just a Josh attack video it seems.
anonymous asked:
As you like to toot your own horn about, you tend to put noticeably more effort into your analyses than the majority of the other folks trying to do the same thing. That doesn’t mean I agree with you one hundred percent of the time either though. Sometimes I watch you just to see to what excess you’re going to take a given topic. You’ve got some good, scathing insight, but I think reality lies somewhere between your cynical hubris and Wolf’s rose colored optimism.
My work isn’t cynical in the slightest. I’ve rarely expressed distaste in an episode without detailing why it could have been done better. A cynic is someone who asserts that nothing can ever be good. Explaining where something fucked up is the opposite of cynicism.
Oh shut up Peet you once got triggered by the critic pony from Spice Up Your Life and you also acted like that
pony with the Glass of Water cutie mark was all about you. Do I even need to mention all the times you spend time
out of your life attack people over drama that is old news?
anonymous asked:
Wolf is so ridiculously lenient and optimistic that at this point the only reason I watch his reviews is to see how the hell he’s going to try to sugarcoat the next dumpster fire. I skip his “Moment With” content without exception, since I think it’s absolutely pointless to watch a layman with objectivity issues armchair-psychoanalyze anyone or anything.
I’ve never seem “Moment With” as psychoanalyzing. Dr Wolf’s examination of people is on the same level as mine when I talk about jealousy, bitterness and the persecution complex. It’s the psychology equivalent of treating a common cold. Everyone can do it.
This is especially true considering that most of the topics are in relation to the fandom: Quality control, dealing with fights, dealing with bad criticism, ect. Only one or twice have I seen Moment With try to tackle a subject that Dr Wolf is clearly not equipped to handle: “Anger Management” and “Safeguarding Your Thoughts.” In both of those instances he’s dealing with someone who is gaslighting themselves and is in dire need of an actual therapist.
Everything else is pretty banal Social Interact 101. If you object to that, why are you on this blog where I do effectively the same thing?
My only objection to the majority of Dr Wolf’s work was the lack of a conclusion. I never really followed most of his reviews or his two dozen videos about the MLP Movie because I couldn’t be bothered. I’ll take sugarcoating over anti-intellectualism any day.
No comment.
anonymous asked:
It doesn’t help matters that Dr Wolf, a figure in the fandom I greatly respect, has just planted his flag in the “I think this episode is great” camp. He’s known as one of the most thoughtful and intelligent people in the entire fandom, and if HE’S saying it’s good, that just makes me feel that MY position is all the more unreasonable. After all, I can’t come up with arguments anywhere NEAR as good as what HE can typically do, so by comparison, I just look like I’m TRYING to hate it.
Dr Wolf also thought Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep was a really good look into metal illnesses. I like Dr Wolf, I think he’s a respectable person, but as a critc I don’t think he’s very good. My frustration with his “Moments With” series is why I started doing Glass of Water.
It’s important to think about WHY an episode is good or bad. Many people say it’s good because “lore.” I say it’s bad because it exploits the obsession with lore to avoid having to put in real effort. Of course a lot of Analysts are going to be saying it’s good. They’re the REASON it isn’t.
Odd I thought her Glass of Waters started before Dr. Wolf even came around?
anonymous asked:
Lily, has there ever been a moment where you had a really strong dislike for an episode, one that everyone else seemed to love or consider fantastic, and you felt so alone in your views on the matter that you felt that, perhaps, you might have just been wrong about it? Because I’m honestly feeling that way myself with the airing of the season 7 finale. I didn’t care for it, yet everywhere I look I see people hailing it as “the best thing ever”.
If you saw the Top 5 of Season 7, you’ll know that I have Shadow Play the #1 Worst Episode of the Season.
I’ve never had that conundrum because I’ve been doing this job long enough ad have thoroughly taken apart enough episodes to know that by and large the community’s standards are in the toilet. It’s not that hard to figure out why the fandom loves Shadow’s Play: It’s a finale, it references lore, the Pony of Shadows is in it after being mentioned in Castle-Mania, Starswirl is in it, the Five Pillars are in it.
That’s all they paid attention to. I hated this episode because it was forsaking a good story in favor of making as many references to get easy cheers from that crowd of people. They don’t notice it because they’re the ones being condescended to.
There might have once been a time where being alone in an opinion would give me pause for though, but I know better than that now.
Oh come on Peet don’t act like your special other people didn’t like the episode either.
anonymous asked:
What are your thoughts on Misanthropony’s old rants and the subsequent series of confessionals that followed?
I’m of the opinion that Misanthro Pony beats himself up way too much over them, and the rants as a whole were over-reacted to.
I suppose that’s the benefit of hindsight since How Not To Brony has given us a look into the mind of an extremely petty and vindictive asshole and several larger creators have since revealed how prone to sulking they are. MAP’s series of “This creator sucks because they suck” looks quaint in comparison.
Yes it’s good that it stopped, but I think going into a Princess Luna-esque guilt complex over it is unnecessary.
Yeah a lot of people can agree the MAP did beat him self up and I do admit it was a while since I saw his rants
about bad creators. But didn’t MAP go after the well known horrible people with only GoldenFox and
LethalAuroraMage being the only times he crossed the line because of them not being as bad as the others? Also
when was the last time MAP beat him self up?

here you guys go a commentary on Peet done by other former fan of Peet.
Making an edit because I found something talk worthy.
anonymous asked:
What are your thoughts on the people who say you don’t understand why people dislike you?
They will believe whatever is convenient for them to believe. This is why I am simultaneously a “dangerous, abusive monster” and an “ineffectual whiny SJew.”
My big crime was defending a teenage girl from harassment because bronies threw a fucking tantrum that their rape comic might get take down, and accurately detailing why they were behaving like disgraceful assholes.
This was at a time where my videos were getting 500 views a month, not the 700,000 they currently get. They’re were so outraged by my statement that “Trying to kill a teenager for saying rape is bad makes you a monster” and they still haven’t let it go.
Other reasons people hate me are as follows.
You said my favorite show is bad 
You said my fandom is bad 
You said my favorite creator/youtuber is bad 
You’re mean sometimes 
You criticize conservatism and that makes me feel like a bad person 
But they can’t be honest about that because they’ll out themselves for the crybabies they truly are.
So what they will do is that they will grab onto any scrap of information they can with both hands and be completely outraged by it so that they can continue this never-ending mill, but even the barest amount of research will showcase how much they’re manufacturing controversy.
Here’s a few examples.
The most common accusation against me is that I’m abusive. However, the accusers neither know anything or care about abuse itself. Lizzy accurately pointed out that when Josh started flinging accusations at me, nobody ever once checked in with her to ask if things were okay, and when she started contradicting Josh’s accusations because she was there for most of my interactions with him they just accused her of Stockholm Syndrome (despite Stockholm Syndrome actively requiring NOT having a preexisting relationship with the captor, and also being pseudoscience).
Worse even, those same people have started spamming Lizzy with this same bullshit, despite the fact that she has actual insight into me as a person. Far more than some wingnut trying to pretend that screenshots of Tumblr posts constitute the “TRUTH.” In a desperate effort to prove that I’m abusive to my wife, they decided to harass and abuse my wife, trying to gaslight her into breaking up with me because they know it’ll hurt me.
They don’t care about abuse or the victims of abuse, they care about anything that might damage my career or my life. And so they will flagrantly make things up.
Another one was accusations of being a pedophile because Stockholm featured a relationship between a 24 year-old woman and a 47 year-old woman. Now I can understand the whole “16 vs 18″ arguments about age of consent, but I think 24 is a pretty acceptable area to be in.
There were two big holes in that short-lived campaign.
Stockholm featured a pedophile being institutionalized for ten years, and another being murdered in broad daylight with no repercussions for the killer as major plot points. 
FimFiction itself is flooded with actual child pornography and people who are actually advocating pedophilia and none of these people have batted an eye. 
Again, it’s not about any genuine worry, it’s about saying anything to make that subscriber count drop.
Another accusation is that I have a million sockpuppet accounts. This is the go-to response to anybody who dares contradict the accusations made against me. It’s done with no proof, and is impossible to prove. It is the desperate flailing of a moron who has no defense prepared when someone accuses them of lying. This is similar to the fact that any time I criticize a member of the community, the go to response is some variation of “I know you are but what am I?”
Going further down the list you can find the same issue over and over again: An accusation is made, said accusation is contradicted, proof of accusation is either nonexistent or comes from dubious/explicitly malevolent sources, the accusation’s foundation is found throughout the community with none of the accusers saying a word about it.
Because it’s not about any of the things they pretend to care about. It’s about making that evil bitch suffer for daring to criticize them/their hobbies/their malformed worldview.
They’re told they’re wrong or something is bad and their response is to completely lose their shit and start throwing all their toys out of the pram.
My thoughts on the people who say I don’t understand why some people hate me so much is “It’s not my problem that you’re a gullible moron.”
Just look at Peet’s disillusion everyone just look at it.

yeah lets be frank Peet has to know half this crud she is saying is crap. I mean let us look at the fact she said
nobody bats an eye at the child porn and pedo supporters on FamFiction. I mean is Peet talking about the
humanized fanfics on that website of the kid characters? Because again that still doesn’t count a child porn at
least not in the sense Peet is thinking about. I also have a feeling anyone supporting pedos on famfic would
instantly be reported to the staff of the website. I mean it is funny how Peet seems to ignore her own fanfic
Stockholm. Well the parts that got Peet into trouble I mean.

Yeah this post is one of those she sort of needs to look in the mirror. Oh and she is also the last person who
should whine about fanfics with questionable themes.
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