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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


Don’t be ridiculous.
Ben “Zyklon Hurricane” Garrison has always been a stalwart shield against der juden.
If it’s lolbertarian shit, then it’s an edit.
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Tiro Finale
Eh, I was checking.  
Real or not, it was the only thing I could find on short notice.
Jerry still fell for a clever edit, regardless of what the original source material was based upon.
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Which is, ironically, what Jerry’s YouTube channel is composed of nowadays: hug boxes where he can easily block out any and all legitimate critique by simply turning off ratings and comments.
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If only someone like Razorfist or IA would make a detailed video destroying Peet’s truck-sized fallacies in logic.
That would be so beautiful.
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Not sure how to get back on topic, because the topic is a hopeless loser that attacked people for not bowing down to crazy SJWs and con-artists and demonizes people for stuff while having self-insert fanfics.
Also hating characters because saint Anita says so, but literally has RD and Pinkie lust have his character because “She’s got a sweet ass”

I’m messing with you dude.
If you talk about Ben’s stuff being edited into Nazi stuff, it’s tradition to deny it was ever edited to begin with,  
and that he was always “A true defender of the Reich”.
If someone does that, chances are they’re from a chanboard, most likely /pol/.  
It was a 4chan /pol/ and /b/ joke, originally.
It used to really piss Ben off, nowadays he just rolls with it.
He actually made a pic calling m00t a cuck, sometime after gg started.
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It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s so preposterously easy to rip apart, you sometimes get sidetracked with other topics.
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