The Cringe Thread [Possible NSFW]

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Does anyone value professionalism anymore? Social media was a mistake. It feels as if all forms of decency and moral restraints have disintegrated as soon as the masses found the ability to harass others miles away unseen.

"Adults" acting not that much different from 12 year olds who get at each other's throats over petty shit. Cartoons of all things …

How is this not harassment? What even is "harassment" anymore?

All for instant gratification and confirmation. It's pathetic.
It this the end result of human evolution?
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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screaming forever
Drop her ass on an island somewhere. If you're not self aware enough to know that threatening people with death and recording yourself doing so will have real life consequences, you're beyond help and deserve everything you get. Her simpathizers because I know they exist can get forcibly removed as well.
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She whines and complains about something and issues deathreats meanwhile I've dedicated my entire life to my education and Academia and yet she gets into Harvard and I'm working for just above minimum wage right now.
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