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”The Supreme Court next week will hear two cases — Gonzalez v. Google on Tuesday, Feb. 21, and Twitter v. Taamneh on Wednesday, Feb. 22 — that could dramatically affect users’ speech rights online.”
”Nearly everyone who speaks online relies on Section 230, a 1996 law that promotes free speech online. Because users rely on online intermediaries as vehicles for their speech, they can communicate to large audiences without needing financial resources or technical know-how to distribute their own speech. Section 230 plays a critical role in enabling online by speech by generally ensuring that those intermediaries are not legally responsible for what is said by others.”
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On this subject, the final decision on Section 230 by the court shouldn’t be expected until June.
Just an FYI.
So you might want to back up and archive some of your favorite stuff around the web in the meantime just incase Section 230 is altered in anyway which would legally endanger said content.
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