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Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Indiana ended federal unemployment benefits. Now, that decision is being challenged in court [IndyStar]
Indiana Sued For Cutting Off Federal Unemployment Benefits [HuffPost]
TL;DR: Two legal organization are going to sue the state of Indiana to prevent Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb from cutting federal unemployment benefits that is set to expire by September. In other words, pretty much our Governor is trying to appease big corporations.
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And maybe once the population is low enough, the corpos will be gone and we could rebuild the world?
If this will help the African Americans improve their conditions, then it is good.
So far, the most I knew about Juneteenth celebrations tend to be about barbecues and memorials to slavery.
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June 19th aka Emancipation Day, the day the Emancipation Proclamation was officially enforced in Texas 156 years ago (minus a couple of days), which has subsequently grown to become a nationwide day of celebration for the black community.
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yeah could have worded that a lot better, “Women who have a high chance of becoming pregnant” would have done better because i assume the idea is to avoid heavy drinking during the period before they find out they are pregnant, but the way it’s worded now comes off as superstitious and condescending,
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Tbf, we all should avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
And I’m typing this while tipsy for added irony.

It’s true (I think) that no amount of male drinking can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Just countless other health and social issues.

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We stop having kids here in the states, then the militaries for hire and the corporations who employ them will lose future wage slaves and soldier fodder.
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If they want to be the ones in charge they do. China is ramping up its military spending and ambitions.
“The lavish spending increases of years past have given China the second-largest defense budget in the world behind the U.S. With 3 million troops, the world’s largest standing military has been steadily adding aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines and stealth fighters to its arsenal.
The government says most of the spending increases go toward improving pay and other conditions for troops while observers say the budget omits much of China’s spending on weaponry, most of it developed domestically. China’s military is largely designed to maintain its threat to use force to bring Taiwan under its control, although it has also grown more assertive in the South China Sea, the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean and elsewhere.”
If they stop being the big guy in the playground someone else comes along.
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