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How advanced/modern is North Korea's military?

I can't see them lasting long in a conventional war if all their shit is hand me downs from the USSR and China.
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In other news, it should come as absolutely no shock to anyone who saw this coming—ever since the aftermath of the George Floyd incident beagn—that Disney has blindly and unwisely started propagating the unproven, unwarranted, unnecessary, blatantly discriminatory, assumption-based and generalization-based pseudoscience—of which is being treated as actual, honest-to-god fact by its promoters—known as Critical Race Theory (at least, DISNEY'S version, with it's own hilariously tragic and horrible twist on the company actually segregating it's own employees during the sessions) TO its own employees, rather than paying them more like they should, with all evidence of these practices willingly and knowingly being carried out by Disney compiled and presented within this Twitter thread.

Note: Please read the entire thread before coming to a conclusion on this matter. Thank you.
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Yes, exactly, yet Disney is not the only institution that is propagating this theory.

Look up more past tweet threads by Christopher Rufo on subject of Critical Race Theory on Twitter. This is easily the most important thing he's ever done, so far.

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Maybe it’s for the best that people stop having kids.

We have too many youths being brought into a world that’s currently going down a shitty path.

Maybe if and when the quality of life and state of the world overall improves should the number of humans start going back up.
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I hope Chase wins the GOP nomination in VA.

She'll lose on the NOVA bloc alone, not counting the beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke, etc.

You cannot win in VA being ideologically far to either side, and Trump/Trumpers are so unpopular in our most populated districts that someone like Chase is politically radioactive.
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Have you read the entire Twitter thread that I linked in my post? If you actually look at all the tweets by Christopher Rufo in that thread, you'll actually find out that the programs implemented by Disney that Chris showcases in that thread are actually far more insidious and irrational than what you may be thinking, right now.
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I would actually be more supportive of the premise of this tweet if the ultimate goal or means wasn't the supposed potential compromising of our national security.
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Some here mocks it and try to downplay it but this kind of thinking/training is the reason everything is the way it is in Hollywood and entertainment right now. They are training all of their people in this crazy stuff. It does not unite or bring people together, it just creates more shaming and segregation. This is why your entertainment is now a "platform for change".
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Let's also take this chance to remind ourselves that there happen to be a lot of young black people out there (on Twitter, at least), in America, who deliberately and intentionally refer to any black person who has ever once even dared to deviate from the overwhelmingly popular liberal/progressive/leftist among the political opinions of young black Americans as a "coon" and/or an "Uncle Tom".

If unironically calling any black person the n-word for ANY reason, whatsoever—other than as a joke that he or she who is black is in on, or as part of a planned skit—is racist, then so should anyone calling a black person a coon or an Uncle Tom—even if it's by another black person/other black people.
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And further more, it should be especially noted that race is not a monolith/collective hive-mind, and there way too many monumentally deranged idiots, lunatics, and/or sociopaths out there who unironically believe that certain races—in this case, black people—or any one race, in general, are exactly that: a monolith, rather than merely a collection of unique individuals Who all just so happened to share one common immutable characteristic.
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