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Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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skeleton spooky boo
@Background Human
I think a large part of supporters admitted or would admit that he would not be able to do anything but he would at least help raise the issues to the surface and would be able to reshuffle the political environment to make them all real policy goals. As opposed to something relegated to all talk, no action.
Sort of like how the same people say that Congress should all the same be thrown new minimum wage laws to fight over and force the GOP to prove they are a working class party or not.
Background Pony #0A0F
Bernie Bros can be pretty violent as well. I’ve seen several assault stories, and their was that guy who shot up the republican softball practice. I don’t think this is a problem of Bernie’s though, it’s just people who are way too caught up in politics and following someone with strong rhetoric.
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@Background Human
I’ve no doubt there were few if not many who genuinely believed hypothetical President Bernie would do 100% of his promises. There’s always going to be some.
Me? I always saw it in a manner that could be summed up with math. If Bernie promises +10 things across the board but inevitably has to compromise down to +5, well that’s 5 extra things we got by the end. Contrast, say, Biden who routinely promises +3s and 0s, and ends up compromising down to +1.5 and somehow negatives by the end.
One guy is clearly giving more negotiation wiggle room than the other.
Background Pony #1F81
Assuming if Bernie did become president, would the supporters here still be willing to call him out on stuff if he fucked up?
We’ve poked fun at the hardcore Trump supporters who still kept defending him no matter how shitty he was, i don’t want those same people suddenly act like them if Bernie was in charge and he did do something bad.
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@Background Pony #1F81  
It describes a minority of Sanders supporters who mirror the behavior of Trump supporters:
They define their support for other politicians based upon whether they have endorsed their messiah. Even if a figure has been historically a champion of their claimed ideology, if they do not submit fully to to their candidate, they are treated as an enemy (see:Elizabeth Warren, Howard Dean, John Kasich). Conversely, even if they historically acted contrary to their stated ideology, a politician can win their enthusiastic embrace by by swearing fealty to their candidate (see: Tulsi Gabbard).
The gold standard for any issue is their candidate’s current position. Any deviation from this position is a sign that someone is not a true believer and an enemy, even if their own candidate previously supported similar positions just a few years earlier. Purity tests are often arbitrary, and there is no room for nuance. Everything is a black and white issue to them.
They have a massive victim complex. When things do not work out for them, they are quick to turn to conspiracy theories. They are convinced that the vast majority of people are on their side, and that only the machinations of a sinister cabal keep them from winning.
They prefer style over substance, with their chosen style being aggressive, provocative, and adversarial. To act with composure and professionalism is to invite suspicion from them, even if one supports their positions. They prefer protest and grandstanding to negotiation and consensus building in government.
Thanotos Omega
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So why is this thread even still open now that the mods have adopted a “we don’t care about bigots going off and trying to radicalize people on our site” approach? is it just to given them an excuse to come down on people who try to stop them so they can support bigots without saying it? because that’s what it fucking feels like,

El Paso Resident
Why did this conversation turn into “I agree with the stupid Bernie Bro insult used by Corporate Dems and Neolibs” all of a sudden?
Good lord, are there any true progressives here?
Background Pony #1F81
I never said if i agreed with it or not, i was just asking what the he the term actually meant :/
And i thought calling out toxic supporters of a politician, regardless of what side they are on, is a good thing?
@Thanotos Omega  
Becuase site staff would rather have a singe area to keep politics contained instead of trying t spread it to other threads/images
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  1. Have you made a report? Mods can’t be everywhere all the time.  
  2. That topic is still fitting for the thread, even if it is edging more towards this thread’s topic the longer it goes.  
  3. “Acknowledging race is the real racism” is one of those deeply ingrained dogwhistles that it’s a crapshoot on whether the person saying it is a racist hiding their power level or if it’s a normie who good faith believes it but doesn’t know it’s a dogwhistle. Be careful on which side of Hanlon’s Razor you accuse it of.
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Part-time Pizza Cat
A Navy vet having a mental health episode was killed by police about a month ago.
Death by asphyxiation and brain trauma as, once again, the fuckers kneeled down on his neck.
The guy was calming down, and was reportedly being cradled by his mother when two responding officers escalated the situation and tore him away. They proceeded to handcuff him, and kneel on his neck for an extended time.
Another parent had to watch their child die in the “care” of the police force. And another mentally unwell person, a vet no less, was taken because of these idiots piss poor training.
The officers are claiming no wrong doing, and did not have their cams on. Both the bastards deserve to be in cuffs, at the very least. Though, I am currently hoping for a much more grim fate for them.
Reform these assholes to make them better prepared to deal with mental health situations or stop dispatching them to arenas they know nothing about.
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There are two worries I have in my mind right now, even if they sound stupid:
  1. I already mentioned about youngsters harrassing artists and fans, such as the Zamii incident and the Nessa whitewashing controversy. Many of these mobs tend to be left-wingers, hence their anger at Zamii for “fatshaming” and harassing Japanese artists for drawing a character wrongly. As an artist, I fear that these mobs might also come after me, even though the worst I did was create a dystopian alternate history scenario, and I have not done anything racist. Another reason why I’m scared of leftists is that many of them support fans getting harrassed as “#consequences”, making the Internet seem more dangerous.
    On the other end, considering that many fans might get angry over non-Whites getting prominent roles (like Star Wars), should I also worry that some White nationalist might try to murder me over writing non-White characters in a “European” setting? They might accuse people of “White genocide” because a non-White in a “European” space is like them replacing or killing off the Europeans.
  2. After reading about the Malayan Emergency, looking at many youngsters and furries on Twitter convert to Marxism makes me worried.
    I sometimes fear that one day, these American Marxists might condemn my country and attempt to invade it to establish a communist state, turning Malaysia into a dictatorship. It would be like the US invading Iraq and Latin America to set up puppet regimes.
    What is your advice regarding these worries?
Background Pony #1F81
Fuck those officers.
Why did they need to escalate some thing thstvwas calling down?  
Why are they still putting their knees on people’s necks despite everyone telling them not to?
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