Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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You miss the point: too many of us took the politicians at their words. Me and a lot of others naively assumed that Obama would undo all the shit that Bush did like he said he would, but ultimately didn’t. The same thing happened with Trump: his supporters naively assumed that he would do the things he said he’d do, but ultimately didn’t.

Trump supporters don’t have a monopoly on naively taking their preferred politicians at their word.

@Princess Applejack

And do you expect anything to change under Biden? He’s already bending the knee, so I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he turns out to be another Obama…if he lives long enough to be replaced by the person who did worse than Bernie in the primaries. Personally I’m expecting a retread of the Bush years, so it’ll be interesting to see how far Sorkinite liberals bend over backwards to justify Biden’s actions (or inactions).

Wonder how long it’ll take for BLM to sell out like how #BelieveAllWomen
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No, I think you're right about that. Just not about the reasons why they're inept. Populism has its uses, and I'm no fan of the kind of liberals you're describing, but the "Sorkinites" do make a needed effort to humanize politicians rather than see them as uniformly corrupt or dishonest.
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Most of the rioters who made it inside the Capitol weren't armed as far as I can tell. They still did plenty of damage, and could have done more had they got their hands on any Congresspeople (not a realistic possibility; weak security forces aside, the U.S. has a lot of contingencies in place to protect politicians), but for all their gun-worshipping bravado, there weren't any shootings except on the part of the police.

Trump's remnant doesn't have the manpower or skill to launch a full-scale assault or go toe to toe with the military. January 6 was probably as good as it gets for them. Bombings, lone wolf attacks, and ambushes, along with other insurgent tactics, are more likely, but I think we still have a ways to go before it gets that bad. The MAGAts at the Capitol seem to have been delusional enough to believe that all patriotic soldiers and cops would defect in support of them, and are shocked that the FBI's now hunting them down. That's not how insurgents think.
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What are your thoughts on the anarchists smashing the Democrat Party HQ in Portland? Right-wingers claim that those are "antifas" (what most people in the US are in regards to right-wing extremists), but these anarchists were talking about:

“We don’t want Biden, we want revenge!” in response to “police murders” and “imperialist wars.”

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

EDIT: just afterwards there's a protest against an ICE facility that got beaten up by cops. Some of them use the hashtag #LandBack — does it have to do with Native Americans seeking to reclaim their homes?

If you're talking about the cop who baited a crowd up the stairs, the relevant bit is at about the 3:04 mark of this video. Watch the whole thing.

In the segment you're referring to, most of the people in the crowd (or at least the ones in front, who he's most concerned with) are unarmed, and as they follow him upstairs you can even see a couple of them doing classic "hands up, don't shoot" gestures to prove it. The rioter who sticks most closely to the cop isn't armed, either, and the cop gets away with lightly shoving him back.

This segment's immediately followed by rioters being stopped by cops and calmly conversing with them. Neither side moves to engage the other.

So the rioters' approach to violent tactics varied widely. Quite a few of them just wandered around on an illegal tour and were too indifferent, nervous or sympathetic to the cops to take it any further.
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An angry mob doesn't need weapons in order to lynch someone to death. Nevermind that any of them could have had a knife on them, or a concealed gun in wait for the right moment.

Also to consider that the referred to cop was likely to have been hearing on the radio about the rioters elsewhere on the premises that were very happy to try to murder whoever they could get their hands on.
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Tucker Carlson is reportedly worried about Biden's war on white supremacists.

He should be. White supremacists should be sweating like nuns in a cucumber patch.
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With Trump out of office, the right-wing extremists are in retreat, which means the left-wing extremists can return to their anti-establishment roots. What's that saying? "Liberals get the bullet too"?

But they're more of a nuisance than anything else. Property crimes. Vandalism. Petty shit. You could deliver a zip-tied Chuck Schumer to them, and the most they'd do is draw a dick on his face. Until the next George Floyd happens, they can't muster up enough outrage for serious violence.

Not that I'm complaining. I like it when people aren't getting killed in this country.

@Background Pony #5A29
The Pacific Northwest is the only part of America that has an "alt-left" to speak of. There's a reason you only get these stories in Portland and Seattle.
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I was with Trump for the first term and now with Biden this term, I hope good things come out of this one.
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The Trump administration didn't do shit but laughed it off and pile up the bodies. Glad they're finally out….It's time we take this battle seriously and get through the storm safely. Godspeed, Biden. :)
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Punishing gun manufacturers for gun violence is like punishing automobile manufacturers for crimes committed with their vehicles. Do we hold Ford responsible when a driver of one of their trucks runs a red light and kills a pedestrian? Of course not. It's understood that Ford had nothing to do with the driver's actions. So it makes no goddamn sense to hold a gun manufacturer responsible for a murder committed with one of their guns.
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U mad?
The left calls for FBI probe into Parler , and ultimately it's users.
Hope they also probe Facebook and Twitter since some of the capitol planning happened on those sites also. I imagine they'll put Gab in the crosshairs too. Parler's creator had to flee his home due to death threats (I know Travis Tritt and Larry the Cable Guy had accounts there, I'm sure they've already received threats by now).
This is what any alt tech site trying to startup is going to face now.
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