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Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

Tokio Toy
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@Violet Rose in The Rain
Honestly, I will believe that in the United States there is a Democracy the day they re-legalize the American Communist Party and let it exercise politics without any problem or obstacle. Even participate in electoral contests, including the Presidency.

Until that happens, everything has been a Bloody and Cruel Scam of more than a century of existence. And these recent elections are a very fresh proof of that.
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That's how it works legally. You have to wait for the results to be certified before you can ask for a recount. The hand recount before was technically a "risk-limiting audit". Normally they take a small random sample of the ballots to verify the accuracy of the result, but because this election was so close it was safer to just "sample" the whole thing.

Of course, when your lawyer is claiming that the voting machines were hacked by Venezuela, I'm not sure what you hope to accomplish by having those same machines do the recount.
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@Background Pony #834B

If that's "urban decay" then them city folk have never seen the country.

We do shit like that for fun. When someone lights a car on fire in NY it's a sign of the end of civilization, when we do it around here it means someone brought out the shine and wanted to get a bonfire going.

El Paso Resident
So, I’ve been hearing that France is looking to ban Hentai just like Australia.

Also there’s word of a anti-hate speech law in Germany which TOTALLY WON’T BE ABUSED IN PRACTICE.
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@Tokio Toy
The Communist Party of America literally still exists dude

Yes, it’s pretty much a front for FBI now, but they still exist and participate in elections
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You heard wrong.

France banned a site that hosts an abundance of lolicon and shotacon (not "anime proportions", but clearly drawn as 10 year olds). French (and practically every country's) laws regarding "underage porn" is extremely vague and depending on the reader's mood can include realistic drawings.

So no, Bleach or One Piece doujinshis or tentacle hentai porn or whatever isn't banned in France.
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EAW Panzerfuchs

Also there’s word of a anti-hate speech law in Germany which TOTALLY WON’T BE ABUSED IN PRACTICE.

Let me get this straight. Are you now complaining that in Germany people have no right to Hate Speech, or are you worried that this law is being abused to restrict freedom of speech?
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