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Funny enough with Toonami in their ad saying All Lives Matter is a hurtful thing and with how BLM and twitter/reddit and sites like think that's racist and that you should shut up if you say it or just don't talk at all.

So if MLK/Martin Luther King were still alive, kinda like that one The Boondocks episode.

Because how people that i've seen would call him a uncle tom or not going hard enough. Or probably brand him a racist for saying people should be judging others on their character, not skin color. So they probably would call him those things now.

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It regressive. Most stuff is in align with Nazi mindset
To say nothing of their far-left bottom-feeding "Defund The Police!" rallying cries.

It may surprise, maybe even shock some to learn that people have in fact looked into this once or twice, and wouldn't you know it? A recent Gallup poll found that 81% of African-Americans opposed reducing police in their neighborhoods; 61% wanted the same amount of police, while 20% wanted more.

Gallup — Media Bias/Fact Check

Reform, not defund.
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Man that reminds me of the recent Destiny vs Vaush debate.

And some of the things Vaush said and specifically about that Kyle kid and self defense were so stupid and dumb that it is genuinely amazing.

And if the result of that study finds that their problems all trace to either past or present racism?

Rather, a lot of people are saying defund to mean splitting off different responsibilites from the police. While others just want to eliminate or weaken them. It's quite confusing.
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Racism has been abolished and all opportunities given. If thats the conclusion this will never improve. Its up to those whom it concerns now. You are in the same boat as the rest of us.
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