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@Background Pony #2398
not surprising, their main goal is also dominating the information and doing their e-propaganda. On every community you have people popping out of nowhere, and insist about spreading this in every fandom/group/community outside Twitter to spam their ideas.
No one is spared, and it's not just derpi/pony fandom that's concerned by the famous «your community has a nazi/extremist/toxic problem here's a robot-generated article about it also why it's important in these days because BLM and things»

Twitter has become the tribunal of morals on the internet more than anything before. Not even Tumblr.

Ghost Person
What do they want to replace it with? Community-involved child-rearing?
Like I said, BLM desires to get rid of the nuclear family structure. Which essentially means, two people shouldn't get married at all before they have children. That the two parents have to love every child in the world as if they were their own.

Au fond, if you get rid of nuclear family structure, it means you will never get married to have kids. That you have to care for every single child in the world as if they were your own. That you can leave your child whenever you want.

So I've gathered, anyway.
Background Pony #2398
Well the pic there was uploaded last month and they were talking about George specifically in it.

And the site with how many kids and there are a lot of them, even the mods and other users say so and them mentioned their ages.

As well as the site talking about poly relationships which that went really bad.

And it felt like it was pretty much like a twitter thread about it, everyone was calling each other racist and this site hates blacks, and people saying that blacks don't get attacked or killed by cops compared too other races and get shot down and reported. Like it was such a shitfire that people were talking about it in the forums and wondered, how long did that pic stayed up for.

And them saying around two to three hours.
Background Pony #2398
I know cause even before and after the George Floyd death that site in terms of how they treat black people is pretty bad, go onto any bbc or any pic with a black guy in it and the racist shitstorm is a go, and even now it's still really bad.

Which for a site that the pic they were talking about the BLM one there was far worse than anything here. Like a lot of white genocide talk and how they seem happy that the future white race will die out, so less bad cops will be born. And it was like watching a cartoon on who can be more racist and ACAB than the last guy.

Well, you've gathered pretty wrong as far as I can tell. They just don't want to be limited by the nuclear family structure which places the burden of childrearing wholly on the parents (and also makes it hard for them to seperate even if they really should).
Background Pony #2398
Oh sorry it was about Cuties and it turned into a thing about Twitter and BLM, and how i remembered about the shitstorm involving a BLM League of Legends pic someone uploaded on and the comments on it, like black revolution is the only solution. And a thread on there talking about cops and BLM and it turned into a giant shitstorm.

There you go for the context.

Ghost Person
Some cultures beleive so.
Fair enough. Yeah, as long as they're offering an alternate, that's fine. Many don't have a traditional family structure. But if they're disowning, disavowing or dismantling the traditional family, then people are going to have a problem with that. Because for the vast majority of America, that's the prevailing model that works. If you deny that model, they say, then you're leaving a great many kids at risk.

Again, what does this have to do with black lives?

What they're breaking down is the assumption of it — the idea that a kid is just their parent's business. Or at least, that's what I'm gathering. (Some resonance with what I was talking about last night…)

And BLM tries to be inclusive and progressive in general, it seems.

Er, no.

Ghost Person
It's quite a proposition, though: BLM believes that "Western" society "prescribes" a "requirement" that a family contain two parents taking care of children. They advocate a wide community approach to childrearing, to the extent that "mothers and parents" would welcome the community's involvement.

AFAIK, the US doesn't impose any such requirement. The country has no ban on single mothers, sperm donors, gay parents adopting children, etc. There may be many Americans with a Judeo-Christian notion of a "nuclear family," but it is not the government. One is left with either concluding that BLM is completely uninformed about US law or it is deliberately attacking Judeo-Christian values.

Also, it is curious no one has made mention of the fact that the platform highlights "mothers" but not fathers. Does BLM believe that fathers have no right or say in the upbringing of children? The platform is seemingly deliberately omitting fathers, which leads to a reading of the entirety of the clause above as a motion to get society to fill the gap left by black men who are not part of a "nuclear family" unit.

Just consider the statistics.

Yeah, I guess.

It's not a law passed down from the government, but rather just a norm assumed by society — there are exceptions, but they are generally seen as exceptional, and often as flawed copies of the norm.

And mothers are a lot more likely to be saddled with solo childcare than fathers, especially in the black community.

I guess that's a matter of opinion — that document suggests they're trying at least.
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