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I'm not even going to humour this centrist word salad.

then you might be radicalized too far and I am sorry you live in a state of fear that the evil right will get you I am happy that I can take a joke and call out insurrectionists and neo-nazis without my bias getting in the way of the actual meaning of those words cus I am the bad centrist that is always beaten up when talking about politics cus I dont conform to either side nor care for the stupidity and dismissal of statements like what you just wrote
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Yesterday in London, a black group called the 'FF Force' marched through Brixton in paramilitary uniform clearly meant for intimidation to 'lock it down'.

From the USA, to the UK and beyond, we see the horrible white man is causing this reaction. There is not one multiracial society where racial friction like doesn't happen. The UK should've listened to Enoch Powell when he talked of "Rivers of Blood".
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It's been a while since I've been hearing rumors that Russian government support roits in america in order to weaken USA.
Like explained here:

What are your opinions on this guys? You think Kreml is supporting this shit?
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It's ironic how some Conservatives considers themselves to be “Pro-Life,” when some of them are killing Doctors who does abortion.
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Well this could be a thing.

Ohio Republicans are trying to introduce House Bill 565, a no tolerance bill on abortion that will criminalize the act as if it was murder. Any fetuses 6 weeks and older will fall under the bill's protection and both the doctor and mother will face jail or even the death penalty. Early versions of the bill (don't know if these provisions are still in. Can't make heads or tails over revised bills) even specified, I kid you not, no exceptions for "rape, incest or the threat of the mother's life".

The catch is that there's speculation that this is designed to get challenged in court. Challenged until it ends up in the Supreme Court to decide the bill. The same Supreme Court that, and yes I will keep mentioning this, is not only majority conservative but just a month ago appointed a rapist who dodged the question every time he was asked whether he would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Ignoring the rape or incest parts (pretty big things to ignore, mind), but yeah. Ohio Conservatives want to ensure that in the event that a pregnancy is a threat to the mother's life then every scenario will end with someone dying. Because "Pro-life" or something.
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Eleven. Eleven abortion clinic staff have been killed. That means there's eleven conservatives (though actually less since 4 staff were killed in one attack) that you can use this very strange argument on. Meanwhile liberals have slaughtered millions of babies. Pro-life obviously doesn't mean you are a pacifist.
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Military strength doesn't matter too much in hybrid warfare Russia is waging. Sedition is the main point.

As in @Armagedonus' linked article
The Kremlin’s information goals
Russia’s strategic goal is to weaken US government institutions and undermine the country’s reputation both inside and internationally.

Would you rather save thousands of viable embryons or one child from a burning clinic, assuming you can't do both?
Duck - Ducks should be a majority on Derpi and thus in charge.

@Background Pony #8A0F
Depends at what stage, what condition they're in (frozen), etc. Ultimately the embryos would likely all die anyway. The only way they can be viable outside a body that I know of is with liquid nitrogen.

At least 99% of women having abortions don't do so for rape.

Most women have abortions because they fucked up.
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