Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Gun sanctuaries don’t make places less safe. I mean, a lot of armed people showed up in Richmond to protest the new gun laws, and not a single person was shot, not a single punch thrown, and the counter-protesters were treated with respect. It’s almost as if an armed society is indeed a polite society.
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I agree with you 50% here.

I do believe that (while dumb) the gun sanctuaries are not inherently more dangerous.

That being said, the number of armed idiots that have resorted to gun violence despite knowing that other people around them were armed makes me question the "armed society is a polite society". It displays a fundamental misunderstanding of human psychology. Have hammer, will hammer, after all.

I think it is better to say that the lack or prevalance of guns cannot be correlated to the politeness of a society.

I've seen plenty of polite events be gun free, and I've seen a few bonfire nights in the sticks turn into shootouts.
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GOOD: The company includes an RFID card so you can start the car in dead zones.
BAD: The card didn't work. The car needs to be re-synced every 24 hours, and if the car isn't in cell range at that time, shit gets weird. She ultimately had to reboot her car.

Hooray for technology!

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I have been against keyless entry and push-button car start systems for a very long time for reasons not to dissimilar to this. This just takes it to the next level with internet-of-shit-backed late stage capitalism.
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beautiful country. I think staying there long term would make me miss home, but damn that is at the top of my list if I were to ever move to another country
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I can't remember where it came from, but I heard somewhere that many of the problems with modern technology come from the fact that those who develop it tend to focus more on researching how they could do a thing than wondering if they should.
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I think NH is about as free and genuinely safe as you can get without leaving the US.

FUN FACT: NH is the only US state that doesn't make you buy car insurance if you want to drive legally (although you still need a driver's license and your car registered with the state…but no insurance! SWEEEEEEEET!)
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The problem is that not everyone has a gun or even wants one. A society where everyone is armed is effectively impossible. That being said, everyone should at least strive to be proficient in self defense, wether it be with guns, martial arts, or other forms of self protection like tasers or even knives.
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God I miss having a simple manual key car. The navigation and cameras and bluetooth are nice, but I dislike relying on an invisible connection that needs to be in range of service.
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