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Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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This is unironically how most Americans view the Presidency
Not to say the Presidency doesn’t have immense power, it does, but it’s not an omnipotent office
That being said if it was, then Hal Jordan is the perfect analog for the president because he could do literally anything but he still loses to mid tier villains because he’s an actual moron
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I’d honestly would love to see an actual, indisputable source to see if that really is the case.
I’ve never had any stake in that movement, to begin with, but I honestly find the likes of a con artist like Anita and the transparency-lacking journalists involved in the affair to be less reliable than whatever initial figures of the opposing side have to offer.
Otherwise, I would actually find myself more so believing the anti-GGers, more or less.
Now, in far more relevant news, it appears that both the Biden administration, it’s appointees, and the the likes of Scientific American are utterly spineless, pathetic, and clueless when it comes to actually fucking sticking to building all American battery powered cars, like Biden touted.
If anything, importing rare earth minerals from foreign nations is, and always will be, borderline inexcusable— especially in the face of the growing threat, posed by China, of which the Biden administration has actually identified as a serious cause for concern.
The only thing that’s stopping America from mining these resources are the absurd lengths to which the administration is simultaneously dedicated to protecting obscure environments that most people don’t give a damn about and shouldn’t—they’re not even that unique in America, for fucks sake!
What’s even worse is that the administration’s excuse for being this inconsistent is due to prioritizing so-called “environmental justice”.
Though to be honest, I would expect nothing else from an admin that somehow seems to regard virtue-signaling and “equity” as being more important than simply following the guidelines for equal protection under the law, and due process.
Not to mention that they are doing all this in bad faith, nonetheless, with giving utterly no leeway to develop any sufficient and reasonable mitigation efforts to comply with environmental law.
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Embrace the Madness
Rare earth mining operations are some of the messiest mines around. With huge amounts of soil and groundwater leech.
Companies need to find better, safer ways to mine for them before we should start letting them set up huge operations within our borders.
Living within the exposure area of any open rare earth mine is an extreme hazard. And there are communities that live in several of the proposed mining sites. Until operations can be made safer, they should not be anywhere near where people are living.
And I say this as someone who is decently heavily invested in rare earth companies. Full disclosure, I have stock in the one that was exploring several of those proposed spots. So I do stand to gain financially from their expansion. I still would not support mining near communities.
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Excuses, excuses, excuses.
Nothing but lazy excuses by the absolute lassie-faire boomers who popularized these arguments, to begin with.
Ever heard of environmental mitigation protocol?
Messy or not messy, near indigenous communities, or not, there have already been proven to be very sound ways of responsibly and ethically carrying out such operations, without unintentionally harming the communities around them.
The Eagle Mine that has been operating since 2014 in Minnesota as the states first, and so far, only nickel mine is a perfect example. Look it up, read about it, and then get back to me.
I am absolutely beyond done with inconsistent, bad faith excuses by the administration, establishment, Dems, liberals, and leftists for this. And it’s frankly not helping any of you guys’ arguments by outright parroting them.
I’ve heard them all before, and in the end, if somehow, we are to actually care about the security risks caused by importing materials from China, in good faith, then we need to come to an understanding that consistently stopping short of actually mining these materials in our own country because of environmental issues is not a solution that works in practice.
This is precisely one of the very things that actually drives people to the GOP, by the way. And if you don’t want them to do so, then the Dems need to stop falling back on such weak excuses.
You want the public and the transportation sectors to ween itself off of big oil? Then get over these bullshit counterproductive, dual-allegiance apprehensions and actually mine these damn materials in this country, regardless of what those those terminally idiotic and bad faith-driven environmentalists and government appointees think. Screw them to hell and back.
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Ah yes, “obscure environments that most people don’t give a damn about” translate into “literally 35 miles away from indigenous people’s homes”.
Then so what if it’s 35 miles away from their homes?
So what if it’s 15 miles, maybe even 10?
All that really matters in regards to that is that so long as the operations in these mines, as Zincy has pointed out, is made it safe—and that the mitigation efforts are put in place to both make them safe, and to prevent contamination of the air and their water supplies—then it shouldn’t be a fucking problem.
The problem is that not only do the companies have to pay the extra money to put these mitigation efforts in place—which, in my opinion, is still necessary for them to do—but also that this fucking administration has automatically completely blocked every last rare earths mining application without giving so much as any thought or willingness to hear out any proposed mitigation efforts.
That’s not upholding the law in good faith—that is clearly upholding a corrupt hubris.
And it’s this hubris that’s going to be part of the death of whatever credibility and reliability that the Dems might have that the Republicans didn’t, and still don’t.
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Apples and Pears
The funny(?) thing is that the next GOP president won’t even need a Congressional declaration to invade Mexico anyway because we haven’t formally declared war on nations since the declaration of war against Japan.
Congress has been ceding war powers to the president for decades and nobody cared about it until Trump was elected. Now they’re back to not caring.
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Time to get spooky
And I heard if the children are extremely lucky, their factory slave master will tell them “Happy Birthday” when they turn 7. It’s not a good idea to throw morals out the window to “stay competitive.”
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NJ Democratic Senator Bob Menendez has been charged with rampant corruption related to bribery, taking hundreds of thousands in dollars and solid gold bars in exchange for political favor. The DOJ is now investigating any more criminal wrongdoing.
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