Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Right-Wing figurehead Jordan Peterson has recently announced that he’s quitting Twitter, due to backlash from him saying that the US is becoming more Authoritarian by…
Letting a plus size girl model for the front cover of a swimsuit magazine
Spoiling just to be safe in case it’s considered to be on the NSFW side
What a baby
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Jordan hasn’t been involved in politics directly afaik, he’s just an “intellectual” debater and internet personality for a lot of right-wing people.
im guessing that model aside, the Swimsuit just doesn’t look very good.
Background Pony #1F81
And for extra fail points, even members of Jordan’s own fanbase were calling him out for it
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There is the combination of desalination plants and molten salt reactors, or the combination nuclear desalination reactor.
The latter is rather interesting. It’s basically a combination plant that uses the water as a coolant while it powers a series of specialized desalination and radiation scrubbing systems to produce drinkable water.
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