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Depends on how you present the information really: if the information is partisan, make sure it’s labelled as such.
For exemple: if you have a political speaker that is right wing, make sure students know what party he stands for, and be open to speakers from the other side. A teacher is making a presentation on politics? If he is partisan then he has to disclaim his bias, and leave the floor open for a counter point. And the institution can’t play favorites.
Teachers can be partisan, as you said it’s an inevitability; it’s the school, the system, that has to be neutral.
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If you’re correct, then why is it they need to bully people into silence? That seems an awful lot like the Religious oppression in Ye Olde’ Days. Much like Copernicus being executed for daring to say the earth doesn’t revolve around the sun, only know it’s people being told the world doesn’t revolve around them.
It is isn’t it? Which is why I asked that question that the usual haven’t yet to answer, being that they wouldn’t, but since the law benefits them in a certain way it’s fine. Much how the “tribunal” verbally abused Lindsay Shepherd. I find is even more disgusting people saying “We’re right, they’re heretics” So it’s not about having debates, it’s about who’s holier then thou.
This is why people are calling the left the new religious right. Same crap on the other side of the political spectrum.
Anyways, it’s a holiday, so I’m gonna be off this thread for the day.
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The Naturalist
Much like Copernicus being executed for daring to say the earth doesn’t revolve around the sun, only know it’s people being told the world doesn’t revolve around them.
Nicolaus Copernicus wasn’t executed. He had died from apoplexy and paralysis, starting in 1542 till 1543, in between was the time when On the Revolutions of Celestial Spheres was published.
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The Naturalist
To answer that question by playing as the advocatus diaboli, the bill is supportable. There is nothing wrong with Bill C-16, which merely places “gender identity or expression” in laws concerning discrimination; and hate propaganda consists of calls for genocide against an identifiable group, statements of hatred against an identifiable group that tend “to lead to a breach of the peace,” and statements that promote hatred against an identifiable group, so while the supporters of the bill have questionable motives, the bill doesn’t allow them to use the Criminal Code for trivial circumstances such as intentionally misgendering someone; thus, their objective to punish people who hurt their feelings utterly fails.

Business (private ownership) and profit (exploitation) is completely anti-thetical to leftist theory, so it’s obvious why teachers of economics are disproportionately right libertarian – free market economics is basically what its entire ideological teachings revolves around.
The alternative economic theory is basically to either teach to accept how the government should be allowed to make decisions for you, which makes learning economics limited as an applicable skill, or to teach how private enterprises are inherently bad. If you’re only teaching how something is bad, the only applicable skill for that knowledge is to demand change, I.e activism or revolutionary action.
I don’t know exactly what kind of curriculum American economic classes have, but the worst that might be said is that the ideological bias might undercut the importance of labour unions or some downfalls of the free markets, otherwise, the discrepancy in political leanings is almost mandatory for it to function as a marketable discipline.
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I’ve also heard it’s because of billionaires lobbying to get only free market economics taught, though I don’t have anything to back up that claim so don’t take my word for it. (Someone else might though) But you’re right, economics teachers probably are libertarian because of the current type of system we have in America. Also though, just because someone is critical of free market economics doesn’t mean they want the government to control you, it’s actually the opposite in many cases.
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The Naturalist
Because a variant genotype for CYP17, having female neuron numbers in a limbic nucleus, etc., are totally mental health problems. /s
Although, that is not to say that every case of transsexuality is biological since there are cases where people who had underwent transition had made their lives worse rather than better, so the objective should be to develop a screen based on the biological markers of transsexuality that vets people intending to undergo transition to prevent adverse cases and detect malevolent liars.

I don’t mean that free market criticism inherently means that you support the government controlling all aspects of your life, but rather how if you do not support markets to make good economic decisions, the only functional alternative is to mostly teach how limitations to economic freedom are beneficial, which defaults into government action or activism. You might be able to teach alternative anarchist economic models and how the state is a delegitimate entity, but it’s difficult to primarily teach something that only exists as a hypothetical and is against the institution itself that teaches it.
It’s similar to argue that the reason theology does not have as many atheists in their ranks is due to discrimination or bias; it doesn’t mean atheists with a PHD in theology can not contribute something meaningful to religious discussion, but it’s understandable why there might be natural statistical differences in political leanings within an occupation. Then again, maybe there are more atheists in theology than fundamentalists because by learning about religion you start to focus on some its factual contradictions, so maybe the majority of theology students actually become agnostic, who knows. The point still stands.
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Most likely ISIS. The victims were Sufi muslims, a mysticist branch of Islam which is considered heretical by the fanatics because they have the gall not to follow a literal interpretation of the Quran.
Even wounded, the beast is still as dangerous as ever. We can only hope that someday they’ll be able to put it down for good.
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[screams in German]
Maybe so. Or it could be an insurgent group of terrorists who use the name ISIS. Reminder that ISIS isn’t a united organization, but instead numerous small groups who simply follow under the same flag.
While all of them are horrible, it is expected that they all have different and sometimes conflicting views in certain topics. It is impossible to keep track of all of them, because literally anyone can go to be a terrorist or start his own terrorist group, call themselves ISIS and the leaders would actually acknowledge it.
The question is if it is either directly connected to ISIS, or is it just some random group of ISIS-followers.
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