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Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)


@Goku Black  
I ask because the TERREG has a fair chance of being taken down in court but apparently the case would take “a long time”.
Long as in six months? A year?
How long do these ECJ cases take?
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Monde de merde
Imagine defending homophobia and climate change denial as the norm and being spooked by some arguably misguided stances on diversity as “the end of western civilization”. This is what modern day conservatism does to your brain, folks.
According to the CJEU’s judicial activity report for 2019 (the most recent I could find), the average duration of proceedings was 15.5 months for preliminary rulings, 19.1 months for direct actions and 11.1 months for appeals (keep in mind that the ECJ has over a thousand of pending cases to review in a given year).
It’s directly linked to the COVID pandemic and Trump’s insistence to refer it as the “China virus”. Such sentiments didn’t go away with him out of office.
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Very slow. Decisions sometimes take years and then the country’s take years to implement laws/decisions into practice.
How much has it risen? Are we talking about more drummed up twitter hysteria here over a few cases?
Some good, some bad in there. On your side it’s mostly bad.
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I think I can safely say that as someone who is neither a conservative, nor is necessarily right-wing, alt-right, “alt-lite”, and/or far-right, overall, both politically, socially, economically, etc., this new comic posted by StoneToss (of whom there is still no actual proof that he is actually, indisputably a Nazi) once again cements his reputation as someone who, in most cases that I have seen so far (and there’s a pretty good amount of them that I have, believe me), consistently never misses.
I think this post goes into detail on how StoneToss actually is a nazi.
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I aim to misbehave
A new poll out of Virginia spells even more trouble for Republicans.
The Wason Center, out of CNU’s public policy department, did a poll of ideology vs. policy in VA.
They found that while a majority of Virginians ranked themselves as ideologically moderate, averaging a 5.83 on a 10 point “Liberal to Conservative” scale, they actually overwhelmingly favored democratic policies. These included Medicare for all, pathways to citizenship, environmentally friendly policies, and wage increases. The poll also found that independents, VAs largest voting bloc, sided heavy with dems in their voting habits.
This poll was of the entire state, not just NOVA.
This poll shows why Trump and Co. did, and are doing, so poorly in VA. It also dispels a conservative talking point they’ve had recently. That the newly empowered dems did “too much too fast”. As it turns out, the stuff they did was fairly popular.
Who knew expanding health care access, voting rights, wage increases, and a clean environment would be popular?
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I aim to misbehave
Polls are only as good as their design, and the design is only as good as the designer.
You know the polls in 2020, generally speaking, weren’t that far off. Local polls in Iowe and Ohio showed dems in trouble, scoring within the margins, and they went on to lose both states. Polls for Biden in Georgia showed him just slightly above the margin, and he went on to win. Margins are important, as is sample size, how the data is collected, aggregation, how the questions are worded, etc.
The problem is not the polls, its idiots who cannot read them.
Leading by 3 points on a poll with a margin of error +/- 5 is not a real lead, statistically speaking. The media will report it as such, and idiots will believe it as such, but the poll clearly does not say so.
And besides that, a good poll is taken within context. This poll is to be taken within the context of stark demographics changes, recent voting trends, redistricting, and other public polling data to create a concrete picture. Only a fool relies on one or two polls to come to a conclusion. Like Trump did every time he latched onto one poll that showed him leading by 6 or 7 points.
The problem is not the science, it is the idiots.
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