Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Would a retrial even happen?
And would it even amount to much?
Pretty sure that the majority of America (and the world) all agree that this is a clear cut case of murder/manslaughter, so pretty sure the same verdict would be reached even if a retrial happens.
Also trying to find a neutral party over this situation seems a lot harder then it sounds.
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We got a parable here in the south that fits this.
If the farmer falls in the pen, and the hogs are hungry, they’ll eat him all the same.
We’re seeing that happen in real time.
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Party of independent thinkers!
Can’t wait to hear the local brainlet’s opinion on how it’s the left that enforces uniform thinking and towing the party line without dissent.
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I know I’m a bit late on this, yet I think it’s absolutely worth mentioning that Mr. Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, Oregon—a mayor who will ultimately go down in history as being one of the most spineless and cowardly to ever hold public office during their first term—has now finally decided to crack down on Antifa in Portland after essentially 3-4 years of letting them run rampant, with them doing so non-stop continuously over the past 11 months—and with the worst of it occurring between June and November of last year—to basically zero genuine backlash from anyone that wasn’t a conservative, a moderate, or from even a few liberals and people leaning overall left-of-center, like myself, and from even fewer leftists.
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I bet to differ, as I think it’s probably most likely the fault of police unions and the “Blue Wall of Silence”, rather than the very existence of the police/law enforcement, police departments, and the concept of police/law enforcement, themselves.
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You and your deeply flawed obsession with so-called “dog whistles” is not going to improve this situation, or any situation that/where you think “dog whistles” are involved in.
Hell, I’m not even sure that you ever took the time to not assume if something is actually nothing a dog whistle, or not.
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Imagine getting this fucking assmad over JonTron for not being able to fully and properly articulate things that was in his mind 4 years ago.
Terminally online zoomers devoid of any capabilities of detecting and understanding nuances—like this literal living parody of a woke teenage zoomer furry—are one of humanity’s current most unnecessary and contemptuous mistakes, right up there with global warming/climate change.
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I think the adversarial system works well. Some details need to be looked at, like pleq bargains, but the core idea that your lawyer should be working to the best of their ability to defend you is a good thing.
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When it’s a murderers lawyer it is also a good thing. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and a murderer should have a lawyer who is dedicated to defending him. If the lawyer doesn’t believe they can do this then they need to recuse themselves.

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“Proven” by what standard, though? If a murderer outright tells their lawyer they did it, and the lawyer works to see them walk away scott free anyway… I can’t see them as being in the service of justice, any more than a prosecutor who tries to convict someone even when they have evidence that proves they didn’t do it.

Welp. Even the daughter of a former GOP vice president is not immune from having her face eaten by leopards because she didn’t kiss the ring for Trump.
Dick Cheney and other “neocons” are loathed by the Republican Party base (and pretty much everyone else) nowadays for their role in creating the Iraq War, and McCarthy is well aware of that. Fealty to Trump is a big part of it, but in this specific case, there’s also some principle there.
You have to understand that Trump is seen by a good chunk of conservative voters as a walking repudiation of Bush’s folksy, blunderous establishmentarianism. Anything that can be attached to him is electoral poison except for Lincoln Projectors and a smattering of Sorkinite liberals.
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If it’s a criminal case the standard is beyond a reasonable doubt, though these standards can change in civil cases or some other situations. We don’t really need hypotheticals for this, we have real life situations. What about the Boston bomber? His attorneys admit he had a role in this crime, something much worae then just murder, but their job is to represent him in court so he gets a fair trial. That is justice, because the law isn’t as clear cut as did someone do it or not do it.
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Far from it. A little over 47% of the Americans that voted voted republican. Give it 4 or 8 years or so and they will be back like always. Just like the democrats did this election. While the Trump era is ebbing out rebulican and conservative ideas are still very much alive. Maybe we even are at peak wokeness now and more people wake up and smell the roses?
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