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Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)


I feel more comfortable identifying myself by my country than my social class. The people you’re surrounded by and the country you live in play one of the bigger roles in defining who you are, to me. That being said, I’m very anti-imperialist and feel nationalism makes little sense from a globalizing perspective.

Agent of Shadows
He would be more competent than Stalin. Considering how much Stalin crippled Soviet Union during purges, USRR could be far dangerous and unstopable than Axis could hope for
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You know looking at that poll again and seeing how so many Republicans think that the news is detrimental to the US, I can’t help but think that they’re right but for the wrong reason. Now let’s not kid ourselves here these Republicans more than likely buy into the myth that the media has a “liberal bias” so that’s why it’s detrimental to our country, but that’s wrong because the media doesn’t have a liberal bias but a sensationalist bias. The news media we have today is not about educating the public on policies and wether or not they help the people or not, it’s about ratings and keeping people glued to their television sets.
Oh and an establishment bias
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The only buzzword I use is probably spook and that doesn’t come from the Soviet Union lmao
PJW is literally the “I’m born in the wrong generation” kid except he tries to make himself look like a intellectual so he puts in he words “cultural Marxism” and “postmodernist” in his videos and bam  
He got a bunch of edgy gen Z teens who also believe they were “born in the wrong generation” watching his videos  
Quite ironically they also probably watch Filthy Frank
Lord Hypno
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As much as I dislike the alt-right, and think their ideology is foolish, one thing I do agree with them on is that there is a lot of dishonesty within the corporate ran media.
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

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I currently go to a community college, i’m actually quite cautious to go to an actual university. I may get crucified for certain views i hold. And i ain’t even right leaning.
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