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Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Double post.

For the first time Doug Jones is up over his opponent…by 1 point.

Jones is still expected to lose his Senate seat. This is Alabama after all, a state that when asked to choose between a pedophile and a Democrat they choose to flip a coin. But it really doesn't project well for Republicans when even a guaranteed win like Alabama is still getting contested.
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It really doesn't. It says how we as a people need to trust each other to validate information more then we should be trusting these companies to filter the information for us. If Twitter wants to ban anything anti-Biden they should be allowed to (not saying they do, but just giving an extreme example). The rulea are currently poorly enforced and some people are ok with it.

It's dumb when he says it to.
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People say foreign languages shouldn't be a required class in schools, and wonder why our kids can't compete in the global job market.

What's the point in making English the World Language if we still have to learn others? (And the extra few hours of class time saved will put us educationally ahead of all other lands! Wait, why isn't it working…?)
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Foreign language should be an elective, not required. Most Americans will never use it and end up forgetting it.
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@Background Pony #9EB2
not when their friends and most of the world are increasingly bilingual.

Besides It's FINE to forget a language, but that doesnt mean it's hours wasted. Not at all.

Learning a new language opens up new thought processes and new ways to articulate ideas. It promotes problem solving and critical thinking. Those things stick, even if you forget the language later.

It should be required. Doesn't matter if they never use it. If you dont want them learning a new language then at least make local accents and variations a requirement.
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@Background Pony #9EB2

Seriously? You're posting that on a European site, which allows people to post in any language that they feel most comfortable?

I think you're looking for the Stupid Stuff forum.

PS: Excuse me while I check to see if you're one of those people stalking non-English speakers on the site … Ok, you're not. Thank you. But, seriously, if you're sincere, then … that's not really a political thing. It's more of a "I don't like vegetables and people shouldn't be expected to eat them" kind of thing.
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I wouldn't say wasted, learning a foreign language is a good thing. Learning to program is a good thing, learning to sew is a good thing. I don't think a foreign language is so important that it needs to be a required class in school.

I believe it should be an elective for those interested and if replaced my preference would be for a home ec class, too many kids graduate without knowing how to manage their lives in a more basic way and find themselves lost in the subject of "adulting".

@Derpy Whooves
Yet they post in english. Understand I am not saying learning foreign languages is stupid. It can be a great thing to do, but I don't believe enough students will gain enough from it to make it worthwhile.

@Penguin Dragneel
How so?
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@Derpy Whooves
Policy often is opinion, so far the only person I have seen posing an argument for why the policy ahould be mandatory is from tehwhatever.
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