Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Can’t stop the signal


Even the prosecution isn’t arguing about his reasons for being there. I don’t think they have any legs to stand on now, and Rittenhouse will walk.


Because A) you increase the chance of hitting a major artery and having the suspect bleed to death.

B) less mass to slow the bullet thus increasing the chances of hitting other people.

C) much harder to accurately hit, especially beyond 15 metres and if the suspect is moving.

And D) the suspect can still fire back at you due to their arms being fine.
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@shit swizzler
and? you just outted yourself with that link as a shit swizzling racist cunt. also maybe don't put oh so important links on a post that by rules of the site needs to be deleted for fucking gore. fucking great play moron.
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I was about to post this in response to BP #A805, but even though his comments are now deleted, and I can't reply to him directly as a consequence, I think it's also important that everyone else reads this to see where I stand, regarding his delusional belief that Trump, to him, is/was the second coming of Hitler.

Here it (my response) is:

@Background Pony #A805
Okay, let me get something straight with you, you little piece of shit: Trump—as bad, childish, and incompetent as he is—is NOT "your guy". He never has been, and he never will be.

And the mere fact that you completely FAIL to recognize and/or realize that your enormously bad-faithed support for Trump is entirely _ONE-SIDED_—in that while you (ostensibly) support him, he, on the other hand, does not, has not, and will NEVER actually support/supported the despicable and disgusting likes of you, nor will he ever give ANY positive reception of your support for him back to you, if he has the full knowledge of both what you truly are, and the complete and utter unironic, white supremacist crap that you spew—is nothing short of being both entertaining and disturbing, at the same time, and I say that as someone who isn't a Trump supporter.

The amount of Socialmedia interference is absolutly worrysome.

Democracy is dead Technocracy calling the shots.

Censore the President of the USA.
Censore the New York Times.
Censore a (trump´s) campaigns Manager of one of the political parties.

The fight for freespeech is going to be crazy if Leaders of nations and News organizations are already not allowed to speak.
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I was gonna reply to him with this, but I think I'll just quote-post my response instead:

@Background Pony #D510
and? you just outted yourself with that link as a shit swizzling racist cunt.
Muslims are not even a race, so how the hell could I even be racist towards them? You're an idiot.

You LITERALLY referred to Muslims as being "sand niggers", you idiotic and *demonstrably racist fuck.*

@Background Pony #3364
Wow. Look at all dem words.

And apparently, you can't even bother to actually fucking read paragraphs, something that any fully-functioning adult without a college education can do and is able to do.
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Okay, I'm not gonna lie: soon after the first time I saw you use the phrase "shit swizzler", I could not stop laughing. Even now, I'm still giggling like an idiot and/or a maniac every time that I come across that phrase.

Now, between you and me, if at any point, I do decide to create an OC pony of my own (which probably will never happen, most likely, as I am not into that stuff), I will use that phrase as its name, and I will definitely credit you for coming up with it. XD
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You know, it actually feels weird whenever these threads all of the sudden just stop.
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Twitter regularly flagging and blocking federal accounts really say more about how bloody awful this administration has been more than anything of actual censorship
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