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I fear that this is going to further increase the hatred that certain groups have towards Muslims. (There are already people on Twitter saying that all Muslims are violent savages and should not be allowed in Western countries, it's sickening)
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If the Supreme Court allows for undocumented immigrants to be excluded from the census it'll hurt red states more than blue states.

Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma have fuck tons of undocumenteds.

I don't think they thought this through all that well.
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Nope, he's the dick-headed bastard who's government is responsible for effectively allowing the coronavirus to spread beyond China's borders become a global pandemic by using state-wide propaganda to deceive the Chinese people into believing that such a virus either didn't exist, or was not spreading at all—and withheld information from the rest of the world of the virus's spread and th rate at which it was infecting and spreading—during the first critical 4-6 weeks of the disease's existence.

On top of that, he's far more of a dictator than Putin could ever be, as evidenced by all the acts of mass-censorship that he's enacted last year and this year, as well as the continuous crackdowns on the protests in Hong Kong that have been happening since the summer of last year.
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I'm surprised that you're more worried about this than the fact that in a country like France, an innocent person can be outright killed by a deranged, fanatical religious zealot of a lunatic, simply for freely exercising their guaranteed human right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Like all forms of Christianity and any other religion, no form of Islam should ever be exempt of such principles.
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i think they are trying that whole "Europe is more concerned with pandering to islam then justice so allows them to run rampant committing murders and are that there are no go zones ect" BS,
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I never said that Islam should be exempt from criticism, all I was saying is that given reactions in the past, that all it takes is for one asshole to make life worse for everyone who is Muslim.
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I am honestly surprised that the news sources of which you're citing are not, in any way, reactionary or far-right, as I would find them to be very convenient for you, in that they would be very complimentary to your belligerent and incredibly–warped racist, Nazi-esque extremist views.
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