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> In a now-locked account on X, he describes himself as a “radical citizen” who patrols “demockracy and crapitalism for oathcreepers.” His banner image features big bold text, saying “Libertarians want trans furrys (sic) to be able to protect their cannabis farms with unregistered machine guns.”

> His archived posts are mainly filled with criticisms of the IRS and the Fed. He describes himself as a Libertarian, and expresses support for both Democrat and Republican lawmakers or candidates.

> [he identified as] “a reformed broker on the ADHD/ASD spectrum.”

> One post from March 2022, titled “Thought Crime,” is an anti-vaxx screed that labels COVID-19 as a government conspiracy. “The scale and scope of this operation was next level,” he wrote.

> Only one post hints at any ideological or political outlook, which is a screenshot from the Urban Dictionary definition of “Amerika”: “a word used to describe the worst sense of the United States, i.e. imperialism, corruption, and the global exportation of American culture.”

tbh it seems like it was only a matter of time before he'd shoot _anyone_; that it was thiese three might just have been down to bad luck or his (actual) paranoia going into overdrive on hearing a foreign language.
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