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> the “Launch Codes” you’re so fond of was “00000000”

Yes, I heard about it. I'm not "fond" of them, I just said you need the codes to use the nukes.

> security failures in institutions

+5, insightful, but not surprising.

> your claims about how the military works internally, and how the Pentagon interfaces with the POTUS

I didn't intend to claim anything about any of these things. If the US military does not need an authorization from POTUS, then I apologize for getting that wrong. What I was trying to say with my post is that Germany cannot launch American nukes and Belarus cannot launch Russian nukes whenever they feel like it. ~~Merkel~~ Scholz cannot just tell the Luftwaffe to nuke someone and expect it to happen.

You are right that there is a chance of a "special nuke-and-code-stealing operation" succeeding. But there is a difference between fully controlling nukes and maybe being able to pull off a heist, then somehow getting the codes (easier if the code is 1234), and then hoping nobody will do anything about it.

I just realized that SleepySteve misunderstood my post and then I misunderstood [their post](/forums/generals/topics/tartarus?post_id=5464142#post_5464142). They thought I was talking that Russian troops might oppose the launch order. I thought they were arguing that Belarus will own the nukes, codes and everything and could arm them without ever asking Putin (or pulling shady moves).

I also understood [TSP's post](/forums/generals/topics/tartarus?post_id=5464117#post_5464117) as saying that a Belarussian general wisll be guarding the nukes. Now I'm not sure if that's what they meant. But this is why I explained that Belarussians will not control the warheads.
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