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Should gambling be illegal? It's harrowing and predatory.

When I want stories of evil and depravity, Casino horror stories are darker than opioid addiction stories.

Casinos are ripe with child abuse, suicide, people losing their houses, maxing out their credit cards, borrowing money from violent people.

Maybe some people destroy their life no matter what they're given. Lots of people can blow 20$, and have a drink without losing everything. Addiction accounts for such a small fraction of people.

The only reason gambling is legal is because it's profitable. Only reason most drugs are illegal, is because it's profitable to have an easy reason to lock up minorities. Alcohol is probably the worst drug in the world, but it's made from sugar, and grains so it's very profitable.

Gambling is legal, slavery is legal (as a punishment for a crime), a nontoxic plant is illegal so we can disproportionately harass black people and Mexicans. Can we quit pretending that law is based around morality?

EDIT: My rambling is inspired by recent news, about Twitch banning certain forms of gambling. When I heard about this, I put 'Gambling horror stories' into Youtube, I suggest even defenders of gambling do the same.

I'm still on the fence. Addicts are a tiny minority, and we can't just let them ruin everything, plenty of people play within their means as a form of entertainment.
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