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Several major rivers in Europe are at risk of drying out entirely, and almost every river west of Russia has seen incredible declines. This has led to many lakes and ponds that rely on those rivers to also dry out. In areas where rain is happening, dry, caked ground is leading to devastating flash floods.

Same thing is happening in large swaths of the US, along with major declines in our pollinator species, which threatens the backbone of our national food chain.

I have no qualms about calling climate change deniers the dumbest, most worthless humans on the planet. Those inbred hicks are so amazingly blind, at this point I cannot tell if it is mere stupidty or mental sickness. It makes Mrme question how a human can be this utterly inept. At what point is your brain power so low that it starts affecting the autonomic systems? If they get any dumber their hearts won't know how to pump blood anymore.
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