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[One government minister in Malaysia]( not only stated that Thor 4 was banned in Malaysia for having gay references, but also decided that any more gay movies by Disney will be banned. He claimed that Malaysia is under attack by some Western conspiracy.

On YouTube, some people are cheering, mostly Muslim and a few Christian conservatives. People like them remind me of Muhyiddin and other leaders who use conservatism to keep Malaysia backwards and corrupt. If they continue, Malaysia will become like China or Iran, where everything is isolated.

People like them are why I don't respect conservative groups and (again, no thanks to American netizens before) Christian people. Even though I have conservative beliefs, their ways are unacceptable. Their beliefs want nothing more than to dominate everyone.

Also, the politician who said this, Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Zahidi Zainul Abidin, is a member of PAS, an extreme Muslim political party. No surprise.
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