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Talk about setting him up.

Garland mentioned that the Justice Department has _both_ the receipt of what was taken _and_ the warrant.

If Agent Orange lets the clock run out while desperately blustering whataboutisms and allowing the propaganda outlets to run cover stories for him, the documents are unsealed and, assuming that they match, immediately nuke the entirety of their arguments given how he could've released the warrant he was issued himself....

But if he releases the warrant, and it's similar if not identical to the receipt, he's gonna need some _serious_ spin behind him, the sort that will send Fox & company scrambling in panic for.

Then again, if the warrant _isn't_ the same as what was taken, _why isn't Don the Con releasing it?_.

Yeah. The walls are closing in. That part not so subtly warning about attacks against the FBI was *chef's kiss*.
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