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I am not talking about USA. I was talking about the image from [@Violet Rose in The Rain](/forums/generals/topics/tartarus?post_id=5263345#post_5263345)'s post. I disagreed with that definition and pointed at better ones. Then [@AaronMk](/forums/generals/topics/tartarus?post_id=5263387#post_5263387) pointed out an another definition, I disagreed with him, [@The Smiling Pony](/forums/generals/topics/tartarus?post_id=5263570#post_5263570) disagreed with something in my post... It was a parallel discussion about fascism. It had nothing to do with USA in particular.

And even when talking about USA, it isn't good to use weird definitions. It muddles the discussion when you define "conservatists" as "GOP", or "leftists" as "Democratic party", or "socialism" as "welfare". Similarly, Americans might define "republic" and "democracy" in such a way that they seem polar opposites, but they are not and democratic republics happily exist. (Yes, I had to explain to Americans that "democratic republic" is not an oxymoron.)
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