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> So your solution would be:
> mass arrests of everyone who doesn't give the guns to the state
> everyone should give their guns to the government, and strict permits are required (like in Malaysia, where no citizen can simply buy a gun).

Well considering Malaysia has had zero mass shootings since 1985 it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Guns from their very inception were meant to be weapons of military and law enforcement and not commodities any random kooks can get their hands on.

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> Also, why England and Australia? Why not copy Switzerland or Czechia or Finland? They have access to the same guns there, yet mass shootings are extremely rare.

I would suggest reading the specific laws of those respective countries in further detail. Some regulations there include but are not limited to mandatory licensing and training and prohibition of magazines carrying more than 10 rounds. But the US, being what it is, would claim all of those are Second Amendment infringements.
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