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Well, start repairing the victim-mentality of the native palestinians now, by telling Israel to _*back the hell off!_* Agree or disagree? Israel's got advanced iron dome that shoots down missiles and the best trained ground units in the world atm. They _*don't_* have to employ shock and awe to 500+ palestinians every time some Hamas shoots and miss.

One reason "punish everybody in class if one messes up." works is because the students are _*too stupid_* to realize they could just bum rush the teacher and take over the class. Think: Students can _*actually_* run the school if they wanted to.

One day Palestinians would probably just snap. If 1 million killed (95% palestinians guaranteed) in the process, everybody alive today be responsible. Ain't no way we could say "we din't know. it was complicated. both are equally bad." At that point it'd be a lot more _*honest_* to just say "ain't my problem."
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