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Lad, word of advice, brevity is a virtue. You use so many filler words that it borders on purple prose levels and distracts from your main point. It's hard to take you seriously when you're gdoing the Daffy Duck thing of sticking more and more descriptors on your statement.

You could have said everything you intended to say with 1/3rd the words and not lost any of the needed information.



On that note, I don't inherently disagree with you. I have noticed that, on several occasions, some people will label any pride or celebration from white heritage as white supremacy at worst, or at the very least as somehow being inherently racist.

It tends to be a vocal minority, with most people being smart enough to distinguish between the two, but I've seen it happen personally. I'm rather proud of my Irish and German heritage, and of my adherence to indoeuropean Pagan traditions, both of which has earned me some ire from extreme radicals.
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