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You're still basically using this thread as the "Shinanigans" thread, posting that you think the EU is "riddled with greedy representatives" which seems more like a political vent than any kind of discussion of why the EU might be doing what it's doing, or what you think about it other than that it shows, to you, that the EU is "riddled with greedy representatives".

The point I was trying to make is that you frequently post "What do you think about this?" posts. If this were a genuine discussion style thread, that would probably be ok, but this thread has very special rules.

In this thread, your posts are what we would normally categorize as "posting things to see what catches fire". In other words, because you never express your opinions about the 'shinanigans' you post here, you appear to be trolling the thread to see what kind of drama you can stir up.

Even your reply really does appear to be an attempt to create drama or to promote a petition.

So ... if you want to talk about something political, then this is the place for it. But if you want to just post a link to something to see what others think about it, or to see what kind of drama you can create between other users of this thread, please stop.
What you're doing would be fine in any other thread, I think. But for this thread, please stop. It's not appropriate in this thread.
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