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A Navy vet having a mental health episode was killed by police about a month ago.

Death by asphyxiation and brain trauma as, once again, the fuckers kneeled down on his neck.

The guy was calming down, and was reportedly being cradled by his mother when two responding officers escalated the situation and tore him away. They proceeded to handcuff him, and kneel on his neck for an extended time.

Another parent had to watch their child die in the "care" of the police force. And another mentally unwell person, a vet no less, was taken because of these idiots piss poor training.

The officers are claiming no wrong doing, and did not have their cams on. Both the bastards deserve to be in cuffs, at the very least. Though, I am currently hoping for a much more grim fate for them.

Reform these assholes to make them better prepared to deal with mental health situations or stop dispatching them to arenas they know nothing about.
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