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Yes it is idiotic. Not to mention ridiculously impractical to the point that It might just be an outright ban.


*It's a fatwa. Not law. NEVER, LAW.* Fatwa is at best someone's opinion based on their research using islamis sources like the quran, hadith, and similar case studies in the past.

But holy crap it's about as binding as your mom telling you to do your homework. I.e, it's a suggestion.

But I am kinda curious on the implementation ngl. What are the criterias? Also It would be a _hilariously, needlessly laborious undertaking_ barely worth the effort. It would definitely suck for the localization team to practically needing to pull some actual wizardry to put hijab on anime girls without looking sketch.

But in general, this has been a fatwa nobody outside of devout followers of the ayatollah really takes seriously. It also, more likely a move to discourage ppl from watching foreign content.
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